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Viral Video Inspires Patriotic Americans To March On D.C. Sept. 9th

Bob Powell
After the Marine Corp Motto "Semper Fi," "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome" epitomizes what it means to be a United States Marine. When we have a mission we see it through - Period.

Chief Kessler may have bailed on the demonstration this coming September 9th, but I have not. Father always provides. As a result of  my interview with Chief Kessler, the idea of a mass demonstration of Patriots in Washington D.C has taken root and captured the imaginations of American Patriots everywhere.

After my friends at the Western Center for Journalism posted it on Facebook, support for the demonstration began to gel quickly. Just look at the comments in this ONE Facebook post:

Today, my Brothers at Uncle Sam's Misguided Children picked up the guidon and they have thrown their support behind me and this demonstration.

According to the story they wrote, I have somehow become the leader of this protest. I guess now that Kessler has bailed, I am. But I don't want to be the leader of anything. We don't need a "leader." Let me explain.

I've been thinking and praying all weekend, asking Father, "What am I supposed to do now? The biggest thing about this demonstration, what made the idea of it so attractive to everyone, was having police officers, men that we entrust with our safety, stand up and tell the Tyrants in Washington D.C. that they would no longer enforce unconstitutional laws; that even though those in Washington may have forgotten their Oath to support and defend the Constitution, the rank and file of America's Oath Keepers have not!"

I didn't hear a booming voice come from the sky in answer to my prayers. The answer came in a tiny little spark of recognition, along with the phrase "Remember Arlo."

One of the first celebrity interviews I ever conducted as the Entertainment Editor of the Fort Pierce Tribune was with 60's Rock Icon Arlo Guthrie. During the Vietnam War, music was a great tool in the arsenal of the anti-war movement. Artists such as Pete Seger, Janis Joplin, CCR, and Arlo Guthrie galvanized the hopes and dreams of an entire generation (ideals since betrayed by those 60's college students that have since come to power) and The People rose up with one voice: "Hell No, We Won't Go!" and "Hey, Hey, LBJ! How Many Kids Did You Kill Today!"

THE PEOPLE stopped the Vietnam War and they didn't do it with armed marches; they just got fed up to the point that they put their BODIES on the line to protest against a government that had lost its way and no longer represented the will of the People. They used their voices to send a message to Congress and to the President, and as a result LBJ stepped down refusing to run again. The People had made themselves too big a pain in the ass!

So I asked Arlo, "What was it like to be one of the leaders of the anti-war movement?" I will never forget his reply.
Folk Rock Icon Arlo Guthrie
"I just thought it was really cool to be part of a movement that didn't need any leaders," Arlo said. "Everybody had finally had enough of racism, unnecessary wars, and Gestapo police tactics and we just stood up and told them so. It was beautiful man: Black people, white people, brown people, and red people, men and women from all over the country came together for a common cause and we stopped a war!"

Remembering that interview gave me the answer I was seeking. We don't need "leaders." This thing is getting way too big for any one man or group to control anyway. What we need is to spread the word to EVERYONE, in every way that we can, to come to Washington D.C. themselves, on their own accord and not necessarily as part of a group.

This needs to be a grassroots uprising, just like what recently transpired in Egypt. If we can get people fired up and tear them away from Honey Boo Boo and DWTS for a little while, if we can mass TEN MILLION Patriots in Washington D.C. to tell them once more, "YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOUR PLACE!", then we might just have a little bit of real "hope and change."

I'm seeing hope FOR change already in the thousands of comments being left under the video, which was seen over 3,000 times yesterday alone. People are scared, and they are angry, and they are ready to rise up; some violently. They feel betrayed by the government, they see very little hope for the future unless we can change the direction the country is headed in NOW.

We are at the precipice of Civil War: 29% of the people in this country believe that a VIOLENT REVOLUTION is inevitable if we are to regain our freedoms. I am putting my heart and soul into this best, last chance to avoid a violent revolution that would cost the lives of millions of Americans from all walks of life. I really think that our lawmakers are living in a bubble, unwilling or unable to feel the pulse of the nation, to take a hint from our phone calls and emails that The People have Had ENOUGH!

Apparently they need to SEE millions of their angry constituents protesting outside of their windows. Apparently they need to have many of those constituents pay them a visit in their offices, armed with a packet of evidence that I will put together charging Barack Obama with a multitude of High Crimes and Misdemeanors against The People, demanding that they quit with the genteel politics, stop accepting the lies of the Obama administration, and ARREST the son of a bitch and his lap dog Eric Holder!

I do not know why Chief Kessler bailed on this demonstration. I called his cell phone to get an explanation, but I have yet to receive an answer. Why he bailed makes no difference anyway in the grand scheme of things, because this way will work out much better.

We don't need a leader. We need to be there ourselves, under our own authority as Citizens of the United States of America; Patriots that WILL NOT let our Republic fall to a Satanic Tyranny. We need to warn our representatives that they need to get off of their fat asses and get to work on behalf of The People, or come the Mid-term elections many of them are going to find themselves unemployed. And if a Civil War does break out due to their Treasonous, cowardly inaction... God help them.

I have no idea when Christ might come to save us, and until He does I am going to continue to act as though the world will go on spinning just as it has been for millennia long after I'm dead. That means that I have to think about the future of my children and my grandchildren. I don't want them to grow up to live under a Tyranny, I don't want them to be spied upon and black bagged if their opinions don't jibe with those of the State. I'm thinking about your children too, as I hope you are.

I don't want them to be slaves in the "Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave." So regardless of what anyone else may, or may not, do; I AM going to Washington D.C. to take the Truth to our elected representatives and MAKE them recognize it for what it is. To do that, I need your help.

I have figured out how much it will cost to get me and my sound system to D.C. for one week. Ready for this? Only $2,200 (Two full months of my net income) stands between me and shoving the Truth down the throats of TPTB. My truck would never make the trip, so I'm going to have to rent a vehicle. That, and the gas to fuel it, are going to be a major expense accounting for more than half of my budget. I'm working on a deal for my accommodations while I'm there, but assuming I have to pay full price that accounts for most of the other half. I've budgeted $100 for food (I'm a cheap date.)

A lot of people have said some very nice things about me, but the time for talking is over in more ways than one. If you truly believe in me, if you believe in what I am trying to do, if you believe that my mission to save lives and win souls for Jesus Christ is an important one, then now is the time for you to put your money where your mouth is.

I need you to donate whatever you can afford TODAY! You can hit the Paypal button or copy down the address at the top right of this page and mail me a check or money order. Skip the movies this month and send the $50 you would have spent on 90 minutes worth of entertainment and popcorn to me, tell the TV preacher he's going to have to wait for a new suit because you are sending his money to me this month, take the money that you had planned to send to a political candidate and send it to me instead! At least you'll be assured I'm not going to waste it on hookers and drugs, and that some good might just come of it.

If you really don't have any money to spare, you can still be a HUGE part of this effort by donating your time. Don't just "like" and "share" our posts and videos on Facebook and Twitter, become FANATIC about it! Blast them to everyone on your email list with the message "Now Is The Time For All Good Men (and Women) To Come To The Aid Of Their Country!"

Folks, we really are on the brink of a Civil War during which millions will die. We might not be able to prevent it, but we CAN mitigate its effects by waking people up - especially our legislators - and getting them on board with the program. For every Patriot lawmaker or member of the Armed Forces we can reach, that will be one more good guy on our side, one more person of influence that won't issue or follow orders to kill their fellow Americans.


Please, send me to Washington D.C., and make plans to join me yourself for this last ditch effort to secure our liberties, and the Republic, for the next generation of Americans; our children.

Above all else, I beg you to keep those who are going to Washington in your prayers. Pray for our success and pray for our safety. Without the Lord's help, we will not accomplish anything. And if I can be a little selfish, please pray for me and DeLynn in particular. Lift my wife up to Father in prayer, ask that he comfort her as she battles this cancer, that He will allow her to survive a little while longer, and that He provide me the strength I am going to need to deal with whatever He has in store for us as a family.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
The Truth Is Viral

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