Thursday, July 18, 2013

Law Enforcement Plans To March On DC; Police Chief Mark Kessler Leads The Way

Ordinary citizens are not the only people up in arms over the tyrannical policies of the Obama administration; members of law enforcement - Police Chiefs and municipal police, Sheriffs and their deputies, and State Troopers from around the country - plan to take a message of dissatisfaction to Washington D.C. on September 9th and redress their Congressmen with a list of grievances.

For two days, from May 31st until June 1st 2013 at the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association meeting in St. Charles Mo., members of law enforcement from around the country gathered to listen to what the more vocal of their compliment had to say. They also came to see evidence gathered by Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Cold Case Posse which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the birth certificate the White House claims belongs to President Barack Hussein Obama's is in fact a computer generated forgery.

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral, host Bob Powell speaks with Gilberton Penn. Police Chief Mark Kessler. Kessler was at the CSPOA conference and saw the evidence presented by CCP Lead Investigator Detective Mike Zullo. Kessler says that the evidence convinced him that the document proffered by the White House as proof of the President's birth in a Honolulu hospital was fake.

Kessler has since had a personal falling out with Detective Zullo and CCP investigator Don Jeffery, but the Chief says that does not negate the veracity of the CCP's evidence, and he intends to take it to Washington D.C. to present as evidence for the immediate impeachment of President Obama.

The birth certificate forgery is only one crime for which Chief Kessler plans to call the Obama administration to account. Another is the extra-judicial killing of American-born Islamic cleric Anwar al-Alawki, Samir Khan, and al-Alawki's 16-year-old son Abdulrahman. None of those American citizens ever saw the inside of a courtroom before their deaths were ordered by Barack Obama. In fact, they were never charged with any crime whatsoever in any court; civilian or military.

Without any judicial oversight or Congressional review, in direct contravention of the 5th Amendment guarantee of "due process" before one's "Life, Liberty, or property" can be taken away, Barack Obama signed an Executive Order tasking the CIA and US military to target Khan and the al-Alawki's without any type of "due process" whatsoever. The fate of these three American citizens was sealed in the middle of the night in a secret process to which only the President and the Attorney General are privy.

The immediate removal of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is another of Kessler's goals. Holder has been in Contempt of Congress for almost a year after he lied to investigators looking into Operation Fast and Furious, and it is Chief Kessler's position that the time for genteel politicking is over; that Congress should act much more forcefully in pressing for the immediate removal of the President and his Attorney General, issuing a warrants for their arrest for High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the People of the United States.

At this point nothing is set in stone, but some of the grievances the Chief plans to present to Congress include:

Congress must call an end to the administration's stonewalling over scandals ranging from Fast and Furious, to the attack on the US mission in Benghazi, and the IRS targeting of conservative groups; issuing arrest warrants for those who refuse to testify, and testify truthfully.

Congress must immediately nullify the indefinite detention provision of the National Defense Authorization Act which declares that the U.S. military can arrest any person without a warrant and hold them indefinitely without access to a lawyer. The act also allows for the "rendition" of American citizens to foreign countries where they would presumably be tortured.

Congress must immediately nullify Executive Order 13603, signed into law by Barack Obama in 2012, which allows "the President and those he designates" to seize any person or commodity, in peacetime or war, to be put to use by the state. Buried in the language of this Treasonous Executive Order is a provision that can force U.S. citizens to labor "without compensation." Forced labor without compensation is abhorrent to the sensibilities of the American people and will not be tolerated.

Congress must disband the IRS and institute a flat tax.

Congress must disband the TSA, turning its functions over to private industry.

Congress must order an immediate halt to the spying on Americans by the intelligence community.

Congress must repeal the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as "Obamacare."

Congress must launch an immediate investigation into recent purchases by the Obama administration of thousands of MRAPS and fully automatic assault weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition.

Congress must launch an immediate investigation into the influence of Valerie Jarret on U.S. foreign policy in particular, and the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into the Executive branch in general. Jarrett's ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Republic of Iran are a cause of great concern. Barack Obama's gifts of billions of tax dollars and military hardware given to the enemies of the United States, including $1.4 billion dollars given to Hamas, which is listed by the U.S. State Department as a terrorist organization  must be investigated.

Congress must immediately stop any and all aid to Syrian "rebels," as it is all too obvious that most of the Syrian "rebels" are in fact foreign Jihadists - al-Qaeda - bent on installing yet another Islamist state in the Middle East.

Congress must not confirm Samantha Power as the new U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. Ms. Power's blatant antisemitism and suggestion that a "mammoth protection force" be used to invade Israel in order to dismantle the Jewish state and support a Palestinian Arab state in its place would be a betrayal of our staunchest ally and will not be allowed.

As stated previously, these demands are just a beginning point and will be refined as time goes on.

The Truth Is Viral supports Chief Kessler and other groups planning to be in Washington D.C. on September 9th. TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Powell intends to march right alongside Chief Kessler and the other law enforcement professionals from around the country that choose to join his formation: IF our viewers dig deep enough to pay for travel expenses. Without your support, I will not be able to go.

This is our last, best chance to peacefully redress the Federal government with our list of grievances. A recent poll stated that 29% of American voters believe that "armed revolution" is the only way to wrest control of our Republic from those who would destroy it. We - and by we I mean "We The People," - are trying desperately to avoid an armed conflict if at all possible.

With an approval rating of only 9%, and a country on the brink of bankruptcy (and civil war), it is obvious that Congress is out of touch with the People. Phone calls and emails from patriotic Americans are being ignored, so we need to take a message to them and put it right in their faces: Congress needs to act; now! The time for playing politics is over.

You can support The Truth Is Viral and send me to Washington so I can take this message to the halls of Congress and the White House. If you believe in me enough, if you believe in the cause of Freedom enough, if you support the mission of The Truth Is Viral to save lives and a few souls for Jesus Christ, then I need you to help me now!

Please go to the Paypal links at the top right of this page and donate whatever you can afford to give, whatever you won't miss. Even a few dollars will help, believe me it all adds up; but big dollars are needed and I need you to donate today. The Republic needs you to donate today.

You can make a one time donation in any amount, or you can support our efforts on a regular basis by clicking on the "Subscribe" icon. For the cost of one Happy Meal a week, just $20 dollars a month, you can advance the cause of Freedom and the Word of Jesus Christ as only this U.S. Marine can. There are options available for every budget, even as little as $1 a month.

I realize I'm a bit harsh for some Christians, but I can assure you that I am a Blood-bought, Bible-believing, Sword-wielding, Armor of God-wearing, Oath-keeping Christian Jarhead. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and if need be I will put myself in harm's way in order to protect the lives of His children. I believe that this is our last opportunity to do so peacefully.

Also please remember; this is a grassroots effort, fueled by social media, and we depend on you to spread the word about this protest all over the country. Share this post in every way you can. Put it on Twitter, Facebook, reddit, Pinterest, or however you share information. Begin a thread in your favorite forum or use it to reply to someone else's thread. We MUST get out the word!

Share this post, and this video; then share it again.

Finally, please keep Chief Kessler and all of the Patriots who will be descending upon Washington D.C. like a horde of locusts, in your prayers. Pray for our success and pray for our safety. Also, if it's not too much to ask, the next time you speak with Father remind Him that my wife and I, and our children, are struggling with her cancer treatment. Ask Him to comfort my kids and my wife as she continues to wage a courageous battle against a Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer; and ask Him to give me the strength I will need to wage fight both the cancer that is trying to steal the love of my life from me, and the demonic tyranny descending on the once great United States of America.

God bless and Semper Fi,
Bob Powell
The Truth Is Viral.

UPDATE: 7/19/13 17:20

On his show this past Monday Chief Mark Kessler said he was withdrawing his participation in any events on September 9th; marches, protests, and demonstrations. Monday was Chemo day, and I've had my head into editing this video and taking care of DeLynn so I did not listen to that show and I didn't get a phone call telling me about it.

Regardless of what anyone else may or may not do, I AM going to Washington on September 9th - alone if I have to - and I am going to express my opinion and get some questions answered. I'll go armed with only my mouth and a sound system, I'll get the proper permits, and I'll stand outside the White House and outside Congress reading off a list of Traitors and Treasonous activities.

I've had enough of the lies and politics, I've had enough of backroom deals that enrich corporations while ordinary Americans suffer, some without even enough to eat. That is UNACCEPTABLE. If nobody else will do it I'll throw my own body on the gears.

I'll go to Washington D.C. and tell Truth to Power because somebody needs to do it. A recent poll showed that 29% of American voters think that only a violent revolution will restore our freedoms, and the Executive branch of the government is getting ready for that exact thing. Congress, supposedly a co-equal branch of government, is just letting Obama and his goons walk all over them, AND the American People.

They vote for legislation they don't read, when people in the Executive branch lie to them about Fast and Furious, Benghazi, etc., nothing is done. Eric Holder is STILL in Contempt of Congress almost a year after lying to them over the role of Justice in that debacle that cost the life of a brave Border Patrol agent and thousands of others killed with "walked" weapons.

Is "Contempt of Congress" a real crime? Is there jail time involved or just a fine? A slap on the wrist or a harsh talking to? Sounds like a joke to me. Congress needs to haul all of these people from the various scandals into the People's House and demand that questions be answered, remanding them into custody until their testimony has been determined to satisfy the needs of the Congress. Guilt can be punished later; the time for the Truth, however, is NOW!

We need to shake up our Congressmen with a show of force. We don't need guns, just our bodies. Apparently they can't read or hear very well, because they are not paying any attention to our emails and phone calls. Maybe if they SEE a million Patriots outside of their office window they might take a hint.

Whether Kessler goes or not is irrelevant; others will come. I CAN'T be the only person left that cares about this country. I can see the anger and the fear building as the boot of Tyranny begins to stomp out the last vestiges of freedom. We can USE that anger and fear to motivate us. Channeled properly, anger and fear can be very useful emotions to get people off to do the right thing.

Let's spread the word. Forget about following one individual or one group. The Egyptians just took back their government and all they had to do was SHOW UP! We don't need to march on Washington D.C. with weapons, we never did. All we need to do is just show up - by the Millions - demanding Obama's removal and our military will do the same thing that Egypt's military did; they will stand with the People. Our military is filled with Honorable men who have not forgotten their oaths and I do believe that they will stand by us.

This is our Tahrir Square folks, this is when the People rise to take back their freedoms. We can not allow this Satanic Tyranny to crush us. We are expected to fight back, to protect the innocent at all costs, and to bring those willing to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

This is what I intend to do. Who's with me?

God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. You should also go after these bastards for their advocasy of GMO's in our food!!! You don't see the prez or his family eating that crap- hell they have their own organic garden while the rest of us are poisoned with these abominations! His crimes are many against this nation, and unfortunately the American public bought his lies in the first place and voted his miserable ass in office! I am an unemployed veteran so I can't donate at this time, but I will share this!! Thanks for having the guts to do something about this situation when the sheeple won't!

    1. Shannon GMO groups are going too

    2. How about we all go and the rest of us

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  3. Oh and sorry to hear about your wife bro. We basically have a Thelma & Louise ending planned before that shit straps on of us down in a hospital bed. You probably won't even appreciate the suggestion, but I'll offer it anyway. Mexico-Amygdalin-Cannibis oil.

  4. its about dam time

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  6. Do you have a link to that show ?

  7. Wow, what a miserable failure to launch. Hey Bobby, I see you're from S.C. Why don't you see if you can get ANYBODY from NASCAR to discuss "reality in the USA in 2013" with you. Any driver, or team owner, or maybe that dictatorial fart knocker at the top.

    1. Yeah, I'm going to be expressing my disappointment in the show I'm shooting today. This is why I do everything myself when I produce this show, because I can't trust anyone else (very few people anyway, and NONE with editing skills.)

      But after "Semper Fi," the Marine Corps unofficial motto is "Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome." I intend to do just that.

      I haven't lived in S.C. for over two years. Where did you see that? It needs to be changed if possible. And just because I lived there I'm supposed to be a NASCAR fan? Geez, stereotype much? I'm an Indy Car fan!


    2. You don't have to be a fan to realize the potential of getting somebody like that to discuss their perspective of our country with you. Even if you were to discover that NASCAR has placed a gag order on all the drivers and owners from discussing anything pertaining to politics. It would be an interesting story that would potentially draw a lot of attention to your cause. It was just an additional attempt to help you. Sorry you didn't see the potential of what I posted in that blog.

  8. Protect Israel? Are you kidding me? That point alone tells me everything I need to know about this so called attempt to restore the Republic. The Patriot Act wasn't mentioned which must be nullified, and support for the fascist Satanic state of Israel must end immediately.

    1. Here is your choice, you have NO other for the purposes of this question:

      Who would you rather support; Israel or the al-Qaeda Hadji scum that are currently beheading every Christian and Shia/Alawite/Sufi Muslim they can find in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria?

      Those are your choices. Personally, aside from God's admonition in Genesis 12:3 that any who condemn Israel will be condemned themselves, I'd much rather support people that DON'T go around cutting other people's heads off.

      It's a humanity thing.

      Which group do you choose to support? And you CAN'T say "neither!" either, that's a cop-out.

    2. Neither..... I support a strong REPUBLIC!

  9. Where can I send a check or money order to support the cause? I cant attend. I am on the west coast but would like to help. Thank you!!!!!

    1. The address is under the Paypal buttons on the top right of the page, but I will be honest with you; with Kessler's departure from this event I'm going to have a hard time pulling this off. I mean, who the hell am I?

      Other groups are going though, and I have a backup plan that is not quite so grand for myself. It's not quite as high profile as leading a march into D.C., but hopefully it will be effective.

      So while Chief Kessler is probably not going to go, my plans to at least cover the events that other groups will be having that week have not changed. My own super-secret plan to shame a few Senators and Congressmen is going to be sweet though.

      You should have seen what I did to Herman Cain when he lied to me during the last campaign for POTUS. I don't like liars, and I destroyed his bid for President. The relevant part of my report was picked up by Judge Napolitano on FOX, and that was all she wrote for Cain's candidacy.

      Here's the short, 8 min version:

      The full, EPIC 17 min smackdown:

      Glad to have you aboard the Truth Train brother.

    2. Bob, Thank you for responding to my post. I will be sending that check, its not alot, but the VERY least I can do to support you and what you are doing for the American people!!! By the way, YOU are somebody!! If we had more Americans like yourself, We would have a much better America for our children and the next generation to grow up in!! God Bless you and your family Bob, my prayers are with you and your family and the struggles you are going through personally. I see it this way, " If you can find time to do what you are doing for the American people and still be there for your family.(i.e)Broadcasting from the hospital while your wife is getting chemo, then no other able American has an excuse not to stand up"!!!!! Thank you for everything you are doing, It does matter!!! Keep up the fight!!! God Bless!

    3. Bless you too brother, and thank you.

      Semper Fi.

  10. Hello Bob, I watched your video with Chief Kessler. Im 46 years old. A year Marine veteran of persian gulf. Im unemployed and affected by obama economy. Im a devout Christian, happily married father of 3 for 18 years, pro second amendment, everything constitution etc. you and I and Kessler are all cut from the same fabric. BTW, I am seminary trained right here in Pa at a Baptist seminary etc. I wanna go and support you in DC and march etc. I felt so alive when I found your site. I am enraged at what has happened to my America.

    Then I saw Mr. Kessler with a t shirt on the video that said Mossad with the Jewish star behind it. I also saw you "God Commands it" comment concerning blessing Israel, and cursing anyone who opposes it, and almost fell off my chair. Do you and your associates have any idea how much of a key role these people you innocently support have undermined our country, and now control the church, media, politics, education, retail, food, trade, immigration, legislation etc?

    If not , Please tell me in Genesis 12 who the author is talking to, and to whom is referring to in that passage about blessing and cursing and who will number the sands of the sea? I welcome your response.


    Mario Di Martino

    1. Mario, I think I know what you are getting at. There is a disctinct difference (in my mind) between "Israel" and the "Zionists" that are not very nice people (and aren't even necessarily Jewish."

      Please watch this episode of the show. If you have any further questions about my position on the subject, feel free to respond.

      God bless,

  11. This video needs to be WAY shorter. We all know what complaints are. Main message should be that our oathkeepers do this. That way it's legal. Citizens can not have guns in DC due to limits on the constitution while standing in DC. People don't know this. The plan sounds perfect. Give it to people short and sweet.
    I'd share the above video but I'm trying to find that apex. The meat and potatoes. The plan, the execution, the result.

  12. "Who would you rather support; Israel or the al-Qaeda Hadji scum that are currently beheading every Christian and Shia/Alawite/Sufi Muslim they can find in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and now Syria?"

    US and Israel are RIGHT NOW supporting Al-Qaeda and other Jihadist terrorists fighting to overthrow the Assad givt in Syria.

  13. Wow, what a miserable failure to launch. Hey Bobby, I see you're from S.C. Why don't you see if you can get ANYBODY from NASCAR to discuss "reality in the USA in 2013" with you. Any driver, or team owner, or maybe that dictatorial fart knocker at the top.

  14. Bobby there will be millions of American citizens. Law enforcment and military members there we got your 6 .


  15. He's not telling anyone to bring a gun just show up in many numbers.

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  17. So what happened to Chief Kessler? Why did he pull out? Any idea how many LEOs will be participating?

  18. Funny thing is, these same LEO's are law breakers themselves because they enforce UN-Constitutional laws on the people in their communities. So I find it funny that they would attend when they themselves partake in the tyranny in this nation against us.