Friday, July 12, 2013

Police, Deputies, Troopers To March On D.C. Sept. 9th; Adam Kokesh Arrested, May Be Charged With "Armed Sedition"

United States Park Police, and units from the Herndon Va. Police Department conducted an armed raid on the home of Anarchist activist Adam Kokesh late Tuesday evening after he had posted a Youtube video that appeared to show him loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza, just two blocks away from the White House.

Officers serving a search warrant kicked in the door of the rented single-family home and threw in flash bang grenades, subduing several occupants and arresting Kokesh on two felony charges unrelated to his 22 second protest on the 4th of July at Freedom Plaza. Kokesh was charged with possession of a Schedule One controlled substance, stated in court papers to be hallucinogenic mushrooms, and possession of a controlled substance while in possession of a firearm. If convicted on both counts, Kokesh faces up to 12 years in prison; 10 for possessing the mushrooms and 2 more on the weapons charge.

The investigation into his Independence Day stunt is continuing, and more felony charges could very well be added to Kokesh's list of offenses. By his own reckoning, as relayed to talk show host Alex Jones, by loading a shotgun in public in the District of Columbia, Kokesh committed at least four additional felonies and could face more than 20 additional years in prison. According to the Next News Network, a deputy sheriff at Kokesh's hearing told him that he may also be charged with "armed sedition."

Kokesh is not the only person unhappy with the way the government is conducting The People's business, and where he failed to accomplish anything but get arrested, several other groups plan to hold protests in Washington D.C. in the first week of September; one such group is led by sworn law enforcement officers.

Mark Kessler, Gilberton Pennsylvania's Chief of Police is also the head of the Constitutional Security Force, and his group plans to hold an extended protest, eb=ntering Washington D.C. on September 7th and staying indefinitely, saying that they do not intend to leave until impeachment proceeding have been initiated against Barack Hussein Obama, and additional criminal charges have been laid against the President and his Attorney General Eric Holder for High Crimes and Misdemeanors against the citizens of the United States; including the crimes of Treason and murder.

Members of the Constitutional Security Force, police officers, deputy sheriffs, and state troopers are going to make up the core of Chief Kessler's formation, which will be unarmed except for officers carrying their service weapon in the line of duty or for personal protection. This is not an "armed march" along the same lines as was initially planned by Adam Kokesh; it is a formation of sworn law enforcement officers who may, or may not, choose to carry a personal sidearm. There will be no open carrying of shotguns or rifles, and no one who is not a sworn law enforcement officer will be allowed to carry any type of weapon as it is against the laws of the District of Columbia.

Chief Kessler has said that everything he plans to do will be in compliance with all laws; Federal, state, and local, which is a point of particular appeal for the editorial staff of The Truth Is Viral. The Patriot Movement does not need one lone hothead with a shotgun to make a point; look at him now, what good is he to anyone sitting in a jail cell?

No, we need at least ONE MILLION VOICES to impress upon our elected representatives that The People are serious, that we have had enough of their genteel politicking, and if they don't quit flapping their gums and get down to the business of Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama and indicting Attorney General Eric Holder then there WILL be consequences.

Do you remember what happened after Glen Beck's "Take Back America Rally?" A million Patriots were in Washington D.C. for just a few hours, and as a result the Tea Party swept the mid-term elections. Imagine what a million Patriots could do if we went to Washington D.C. and stayed; because that is the plan. We are going to make sure that our elected representatives know that if they don't get on the stick and get rid of these criminals, then THEIR jobs are in jeopardy!

The Truth Is Viral not only supports Chief Kessler's plan, we intend to go to Washington D.C. with him to demand that our elected representatives take action immediately. Other groups are planning marches and protests on the same dates and as their plans begin to come together TTiV may support them as well.

It is important to remember however that no one man or organization is going to make this protest a success. Take a lesson from Egypt: It is going to take a concerted effort by millions of people, even those who can not go themselves, to spread the word: Our LAST CHANCE to stave off Tyranny in a non-violent manner begins the first week of September in Washington D.C.

That week is going to be extremely exciting, and The Truth Is Viral is going to be there. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bob Powell is going to bring his own sound equipment to the protest and will be speaking out against Tyranny in front of Congress, in front of the White House, and in the offices of his Michigan Representatives and Senators until he can speak no more.

We need your help to make this happen. Please go to the Paypal button at the top right of this page and give as much as you can afford. Don't assume someone else will do it, do it yourself and do it now! Time is rapidly running out. We need your help to send Bobby to Washington D.C. so he can be your voice, telling Truth to Power, and fulfilling the mission of The Truth Is Viral; saving lives, and souls for Jesus Christ, before a Satanic Tyranny descends on the nation.

Most importantly though, we need your prayers for our success and our safety. Lifting us up to Father as we stand up for what is right and true, as we charge once more into the breach, is THE most valuable gift you can give.

Semper Fi, and may God bless us all. And God bless the Republic!

Bob Powell
The Truth Is Viral

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  1. Support this great effort to take back our Country and preserve our Constitution. This may be our last chance.����

  2. How do I thank a person or a group for standing up to this corrupt government in defense of tyranny. God Bless you all i dont have much but i will give as much as i can. If i could somehow be there i will..Lets show the world that we dont like whats going on anymore than they do. Thank you Egypt ! The American people stand with you for freedom...In those famous words....LETS ROLL

    1. If you can't support us monetarily, your PRAYERS are most welcome. If you can pray for our safety and our success, and SHARE the stuffing out of the show (past shows as well) then you will be doing more than most people.

      God bless and Semper Fi,

  3. dominus vobiscum !

  4. I will refuse for the USA to become Rome, if you know history you know what I mean I was in the US Army in the Cav. my views DO NOT represent the military in any way and are my own, Bob and Mark Im fully with you and will do my end in my home state on that day, my you both both of your family's be safe for may their be a war of words not of swords, we are human and American and only when we are united do we become THE UNITED STATES!!!
    Cpl. / Spc P 4-7 Cav. for life

  5. We are coming with lots of friends and family. God bless you your family and wife.

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  7. God Bless you and your wife Bob. My prayers are with you. God willing I'll see you in Washington in September. God's power to all his people. We will bring this country back!