Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Explosions, UFO Dogfights, & Missing Planes OH MY! Season Two Finale Includes Video Evidence Of UFO Activity Over Drone Base

The Season Two Finale of The Truth Is Viral wraps up a few loose ends and adds more depth, and video evidence, to the continuing investigation into a massive explosion that rocked hundreds of square miles of Northeastern Michigan; an investigation that has taken a turn for the surreal.

On a tip from a source that said they saw US fighter jets intercept and engage a UFO over Lake Huron almost 12 hours after the explosion at around 9:30 pm on June 6th 2012, I went to Flightradar24.com and looked at the radar returns for that time frame. Much to my astonishment, I saw two planes freeze in mid-air in the airspace off Alpena just before they disappeared from the scope. When you watch this episode of TTiV, you will see them too.

TR-3B Above Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
I also have video evidence of UFOs flying above the Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center. The first video is one that I shot myself on the night of January 10th 2012; the second is daytime video of what appears to be a classic "Triangle-shaped" TR-3B that was uploaded by NDestinationUnknown on August 25th 2012.

The ACRTC by the way is slated to be the new home of a drone R&D, manufacturing, training, and operational center to be built with cooperation from the Department of Defense and General Dynamics. The Federal government wants to have 30,000 drones in the air spying on you in the next few years, and Alpena is going to be a hub of that operation.

There is a lot of strange stuff going on up here in Alpena and I'm smack dab in the middle of it. During the course of my investigation I have been arrested, and the CIA sic'd their disinfo lap dog Sorcha Faal on me in an attempt to discredit the fact that an explosion did indeed occur with a ridiculous story about "380 American Rebels Killed By Obama Administration." When they try to discredit your work, that is when you know that you are on to something.

In Part One, I give a quick synopsis of what is in this episode and explain a bit about who I am and where I came from.

In Part Two you will find the "meat" of this episode, along with an update on the investigation into the death of my daughter.

And in Part Three, I explain what I want to do with the show and serve up some awesome brats!

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  1. Hey Bob. For your own health, you might want to stop using non-stick cookware.

  2. Greetings Bobby. I live south of you in Grand Rapids and I'm praying for a miraculous recovery for your wife. I'm deeply sorry to hear about your daughter and I'm thankful she is with Jesus. Please keep up the great work and do what Colossians 3:1-2 commands us to do my brother....