Saturday, September 8, 2012

The New TTiV Forum Is Up And Running!

The brand spanking new TTiV forum is open and ready for business. I have designed it so that friends of the show can congregate and fellowship with their brothers and sisters, talk about the episodes, provide feedback on how the show can be improved, and offer story suggestions.

I'm currently asking for volunteers to moderate the forum, as well as volunteers for other positions within the TTiV brand such as video editors, graphic artists, HTML coders, and web design artists. If you have any of these talents and would like to join the TTiV Army, just join the forum and then find your way to the announcement forum where you will find the thread I posted looking for volunteers.

I have already archived all of the shows from the first two seasons, up to and including the Canadian Gambit. I'll be adding my written work and adding other content as quickly as I can. The future is looking pretty good for TTiV. Come be a part of it!

The Truth Is Viral depends on your generous donations. If you like my reporting, and would like to see more of it, your donation will be gratefully accepted and used to continue the fight.

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