Friday, June 8, 2012

Reporter Detained/Arrested Investigating Mysterious Explosion That Rocked N.E. Mi On 6-6-12

At 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 6/6/2012, a mysterious explosion shook homes over hundreds of square miles in Northeastern Michigan. The ground shaking explosion was heard from Presque Isle to Lincoln, and out west as far as Hillman. The Alpena County Sheriff's Department dispatched deputies to locate the source of the blast; but no cause was ever found.

During my investigation of the cause of the explosion, I was arrested when I attempted to interview the Executive Secretary at the Alpena Combat Readiness Training center; a woman who had left me a message about the blast that very morning. I was simply trying to get her comments on camera as I've done at military bases all over the country.

This is Part One of my story...

Doing this story, bailing myself out of jail, and getting my van out of impound sucked up EVERY DOLLAR I had, and all I could borrow. Please make a generous donation so I can continue developing this breaking story. There are reports that this could have been an underground NUCLEAR detonation, and I'm currently tracking this down.

Thank you for your support, and God Bless,


  1. Thanks for speaking out about this.

  2. Mr Powell:

    I came across your videos and site via; I am currently a LEO in what I call Fornicalia, for a major 2,000+ sheriff's department. My own blog is here. I watched your videos regarding the explosions in Michigan. But what shook me most was this question you asked of law enforcement: one day, "will you follow orders or will you do what is right?"

    I am a Sergeant with my department, having roughly 40 years overall in LE. I try to impress my young and impressionable troops to DO what is right. I try to imbue them with respect and consideration of our nation's foundational documents -- the Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

    Subsequently, it should come as no shock that I am a member of Oathkeepers and have, somewhat covertly, recommended Oathkeepers to my charges as well.

    I am quite careful, for example, as to whom I share my blog with at work. Those selected enjoy it greatly. But I still cannot come out into the clear with this linkage until after my retirement which, due to economics and my wife having recently lost her job and possibly about to change her current job, will be in at least two more years. That pushes me firmly into my FIFTH decade in LE.

    I find it remarkably sad that persons such as you and I have to consider, even for a moment, whether our attempted revelation of the truth should have even the slightest repercussion on our personal or professional lives.

    But it does. And it will. And certainly more pointedly under the current Obama Regime.

    In summary, I write: please keep on keeping on. If we weren't so far away from each other, I posit we'd both enjoy having an adult beverage together and sharing our stories.

    Don't shirk your duties, keep on forging ahead. I suspect there are many more persons of our like minds than we know.


    1. God Bless You brother, I mean that. After speaking with these men, I'm confident that they are GOOD men; and that when the time comes, they will be there to protect the citizens of our county from unlawful, warrantless arrests by DoD "contractors."

      I'm encouraged that you are trying to teach the young men in your charge what their oaths mean, and to whom they make them. Keep up the fight brother, and keep the faith. I've read the ending already (we win.)

    2. More news on the explosions here:

      I hope that Obama didn't actually order an airstrike on Americans, for his sake.

    3. Sorcha Faal has been exposed as a man named David Booth. The name he uses has the reputation of Internet Hoax Queen.

    4. Mysterious explosion and daylight fireball in Nevada, California skies (+video)

  3. And two questions:

    1. Any word regarding your submission to Alex Jones?
    2. Why is there a "Dinner with Barack" ad on your blog near the top?


    1. !. Voting has yet to begin.
      2. Google chooses the ads, I have nothing to do with it.

  4. Bob, I just read your posting about being arrested for investigating a mysterious explosion. I am a private investigator in MA. I have a blog you might find interesting, we appear to share a similar vision. Getting to the truth of a story while our the mass media is silenced.


  5. Sorcha Faal, AKA David Booth, was revealed to be a CIA operative. A doctor with a radio program had some IT experts track the sorce of Sorcha Faal's website, called , and traced it back to a CIA office building near Langley, Virginia. Very dubious source known to be misleading at times, even though Booth seems to support freedom loving patriots. Seems to be an agitator, perhaps trying to spur violence triggering martial law. That said, it is curious that there was a big mysterious explosion, and Bob Powell was arrested responding to a source who had called him. I'm not satisfied this mysterious case has been resolved.

    1. I'm going to talk about this in the next show. In the meantime, here are my thoughts on the article by Sorcha Fail.

  6. First, thank you for your kind words. One of THE primary reasons I still stay in LE is because I am one of less than a handful of individuals on my department who still stand up and -- by dint of my Institutional Memory -- tend to tell those in the upper echelons what we've done in the past and why, and when/why their solutions are stupid and/or they'll fail. My prognostications, not in keeping with our current admin, have in reflection been close to 100% in terms of accuracy. Hence my low rank -- though I've applied for Lieutenant numerous times. I tell the truth. And the truth, in my department, is not much respected when it gets in the way of personal agendas and empire-building.

    I also consider it my DUTY to take our malleable young bucks and buckesses and expose them to their REAL obligations via our foundational documents. I continue to pass out, in briefings, copies of our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and Frederic Bastiat's THE LAW.

    I am pulling and praying for you in re Jones' new reporter position. When voting opens, I hope you'll post about it so that we may vote for you.

    I understand about the ad. Thank you. You blog with Google not because you endorse them but because they're -- to a point -- "free." Not like you and I don't know Google has already shut down any number blogs with which they disagree.

    Finally: do I have your permission to add your site to my The Usual Suspects blogroll?

    Thanks kindly and God Bless.

    And thank you for your SERVICE to our country.


  7. Anyone who believes Alex Jones is legit is not doing their homework. Watch Josh Reeves' "The Secret Right: Vol 2". He is not the only researcher to expose AJ.

  8. Google has already shut down this blog once. It took me several days to get it reinstated. As far as the contest goes, methinks it's rigged. LOL. Here is MY submission:

    And here are a couple of 2nd round "winners," announced today:

    See what I mean? *Really LOLing...

    Oh well, whatever God wants I'm OK with. It could come to pass that I'll be successful on my own, who knows. Please do add my blog to your list of Usual Suspects. I see I'll be in very good company.


  9. Hi Bobby, love your show. In regards to that big boom, has it been presented yet that it could have been the supposed high speed train running underground between military installations. The one that hits supersonic speeds. Maybe something went wrong and it made a bigger boom than usual.

  10. Speaking as a geologist no geological event could have produced the effects described. Such events give more of a slow deep rumble accompanied by an earthquake. If possible I would get in touch with the nearest seismic monitoring station and have a talk with someone there. Even an air burst of this magnitude would have left a seismic trace. The best explanation I can put forward is that one of the militaries deep underground bunkers got hit with a nuclear blast delivered by a bunker busting missile. I have read of this possibility occurring on several other occasions. And you have to admit, the Russians and Chinese would have the ability and motive.


  12. Please checkout You will be enlightened as to how "enslaved" the cabal has made us. David Wilcock has all 3 lawsuits posted against the cabalists on his page. They are ALL real! The BRICS countries are no longer accepting our fake fiat dollar. BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This issue, made it as news on NESRA page! Drake and Lady Dragon are 2 people you should be listening to! Drake's info is on soldierhugs as well as continued open voting regarding the conditions of surrender of the cabalists.

  13. I notice you were banned from ATS. ATS is the biggest collection of CIA funded shill on the internet, including the owners.

    Come over to the David Icke forum and post in this thread if you get the chance.

  14. Greetings,

    We the People have been without a Lawful Congress since March 27, 1861.
    What we have is a "de facto" corporation running the country, convened under the Executive branch by Lincoln April 15, 1861 (EO1).
    And We the People are the "Enemy" (1933) of the "de facto" corporation.

    "Section 5(b) which classified the citizens of the United States as enemies of their government. The Trading With the Enemy Act has now been duly codified, and is now a permanent part of the U.S. Federal Code. And the American people have permanently been classified as enemies of their federal government." Whatever Happened to America (Jon Christian Ryter)

    The works of
    Mary Elizabeth: Croft (,
    Augustus Blackstone ( ) and
    Nord Davis, Jr. (
    are especially well written regarding this subject. Would love to read your comments on the material.


    L. Gore
    Monroe County, Pa.

    P.S. All that talk about "debt" LIES, LIES, and MORE LIES!!!!

  15. The following was not written by me, but it sums up the situation.

    We call the IRS Regulations a "Code," because a "Code" is a language always written in such a way that those who do not know the encryption and special meanings of the words, such as "Label", cannot figure it out in a hundred years..." Pardon Me, but... #5 (Nord Davis. Jr.)

    The District of Columbia (The District) has created adhesion contracts (i.e. birth certificate, drivers license, voter registration, passports, 1040, etc.), and has kept their true purpose a secret. All paper created by "The District" are contracts, they NEED a signature, this makes the signer "liable' for "The District" debt.

    These “hidden” contracts are what make you "subject to" "The District' rules and regulations as YOU just signed and made yourself surety

    The Federal Reserve is an unconstitutional private company that our public servants (1913) put in charge of creating the country's currency. The bankers got paid in gold, the public servants got the paper to spend and now didn’t have to go directly to the people.

    When the public servants ran out of gold (1933-Executive Order6102) they started using (and continue to use) "We the People" as collateral. (Research!!).

    The elected officials continue to allow the FED to exist. It makes it easier for them to spend other peoples' money without being accountable.

    The collection arm of this private company (Federal Reserve) is the IRS. What, you think the bankers would trust the public servants with collection?

    The politicians will NEVER End the Fed! It is their sanctioned creation and useful cover. So what to do?

    Educate Yourself. Stop the transfusion, and DEFUND "The District".

    Know the difference between "lawful" and "legal". A population cannot be "ignorant and free".

    The legal definitions of 'sui juris', 'propria persona', and "pro se", and what "District" Contracts you have unwittingly signed.

    The sovereign States created the Federal District via the Constitution. Since the War and Emergency Powers Act of 1933 suspended the Constitution (Research!!)
    - the states gave "The District" (the created) power over the States (the creator). The States have never reclaimed their sovereignty.

    Know who you are “at Law”, that Contract Law is the ONLY law of the courts and get out from under "The District".

    "Time grows so short for action through knowledge." Gyeorgos Ceres Hatonn
    "The things that we do are not for ourselves but for all of our relations." Little Crow

  16. Maybe you might come to the DI forums after you got banned from ATS. Some would appreciate it...

    1. I'm extremely busy at the moment. A new show is in the works; but I will as soon as I get a chance. Thank you.

  17. Stick with it sir,as i have seen our country being destroyed from within on purpose,there are many silently listening,watching,reading,reading,waiting for the other shoe to drop,you are not alone,however one must be descrete,know this we are here,we love our country,our constitution,our bill of rights,our republic,im glad i found your site,there are many starving for the truth,you sir fill the void,i wish you well and will be reading your site regularly,its my opinion things are going to get much worse before it gets better,a democracies enemy is from within,god bless you

  18. I was following your work on the oddities going on in Michigan with great interest. Great job and I'm more than perturbed that you were booted from ATS. Most of the comments re: that have been deleted by mods, however I can say that there are a number of people there who are quite pi**ed about it.

    I could not find anything in any of your posts that would justify a banning, so I assume it was something of a private matter between you and admin/mod etc.

    In any case. All my best, keep fighting the good fight.

  19. June 11, 2012
    380 American Rebels Reported Killed In Michigan Battle

    Is this related?

  20. I am in Elkhart/South Bend. Not much on local news about the radiation spike here. But, I saw with my own eyes Military Helicopters flying over the area that morning. I just bought a new camera for future opportunities, after not replacing it last month after I broke it.

    Patriot Pirate

  21. Around the time of the mysterious explosion, I had a migraine for 6 days straight. That never happens. I usually have one or two a month. I don't know if it's a coincidence or related to the events, but I do live in Alpena. That week, I didn't eat any of my food triggers and I honestly couldn't find a reason for the migraines. So maybe it was related.