Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CIA Disinfo: "380 American Rebels Killed" Story A LIE! Mysterious Mi. Blast/Radiation Update 6/19/2012

There was no attack on "anti-Obama rebels" as reported by CIA disinfo specialist Sorcha Faal. There IS however, reason to believe that there was some type of nuclear incident in Michigan on 5/5/2012. Whether that incident turns out to be an accident or some kind of attack remains to be seen, This two part episode of The Truth Is Viral catalogs what can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, and takes CIA operative David Booth (Sorcha Faal) to task for spreading his deceitful propaganda.

This is part one of a two part report.

The report continues with more proof, and an explanation for the "380 American Rebels Killed" disinformation spread by Sorcha Faal (aka CIA disinfo agent David Booth.) I also ask if Abovetopsecret.com is a COINTELPRO website designed to monitor "dissidents" and conspiracy theorists; cutting them off when they get too close to the truth.

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  1. Bob, You can't be tough, and defy a runaway gov. one minute, then the next minute go into tears because your 19 year old son was missing a few hours. You have rules so each family member knows where the other is. Your either tough, going all the way, or you need to quit. It's that simple.
    Take Care,

  2. So let us pretend what you stumbled into was an underground bio weapons facility that had a breach of containment and had to resort to nuclear self destruction as the final course of action... Now what? Do you really want to know the truth or do you know enough already? The insane run the asylum; you don't need any more details to come to that conclusion.