Friday, November 11, 2011

The Truth Is Viral: The REAL Herman Cain

In this episode, I want to turn my attention to Republican Presidential candidate Herman Cain, and the response he gave to me last May after the first Republican Debate in Greenville South Carolina.

I didn’t even know that al-Awlaki had been assassinated until I opened an email from one of the producers on the FOX network show “Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano, asking permission to use part of my interview with Cain on his show. By the next day, my ugly mug was plastered on the front page of every Conservative blog and website in the country, and portions of the interview were also used in one form or another by several of the mainstream media networks.

Wanting to strike while the iron was hot, I got in touch with J.D. Gordon. Commander Gordon is Herman Cain’s press spokesman and foreign affairs advisor. I say Commander Gordon, because he is a 20 year Navy veteran, who has served as a military spokesman for most of that time. As demonstrated by the photographs on his website, he is extremely proud of his service; so proud in fact, that the only pictures available of him on that site are of him in uniform - at Gitmo. Talk about arrogant!

Gordon is a former Defense Department spokesman for Secretary of Defense, serving under both Donald Rumsfeld and Robert Gates. A spokesman for Donald Rumsfeld? When I first read that, I should have known that I was in for a rough time. Watch this video and you'll see just exactly how I say, "The Herman Cain campaign had no comment for this report."

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