Friday, November 11, 2011

Libya: CIA Sponsored Al-Qaeda Terrorists Overthrow Gadaffi

I have recently uncovered information that the "revolution" in Libya was anything but a popular uprising, and I reveal it in this latest episode of The Truth Is Viral.

Under orders from a cabal of international bankers, the CIA trained and equipped al-Qaeda terrorists and set them on a path of revolution that ended with a new Libyan Central Bank and the black flag of al-Qaeda flying over the Benghazi courthouse.

Assisted by NATO forces and Qatari Army Soldiers, and supplied with weapons by the Qataris, these al-Qaeda terrorists succeeded in removing the Libyan leader from power before brutally murdering him.

Now, as the "legitimate" government of Libya, the NTC is waging a genocide against black Libyans, African guest workers, members of Gadaffi's tribe, and his supporters

I am staking my name and my reputation for honest journalism, built up over a lifetime, on the contents of this video. As difficult as it is to believe, it is all true.

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  1. i dunno what to say. this was the first time i saw one of your vids. i know you for 30 minutes...
    i thought whats that hillbilly in a leather jacket want to tell us?
    and now? i feel ashamed for myself...because i judged you.
    you really brought tears to my eyes!
    you also seem to be very well educated!
    on the 2nd look i think your fantastic, so dont mind the first impression you had on me.
    i feel so stupid. many thanks for your great work and greetings from....err...germany
    >words just cant describe the impression you just left!!!