Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mi. Man Ticketed For Warming Up His Car Fights Back!

A Michigan man left his car running in his own driveway to warm up on a single-digit January morning. What happened next will outrage you.

On Jan. 5, Taylor Trupiano of Roseville Michigan, ran inside his home for around five to seven minutes to drop off groceries and pick up his girlfriend and her young son.

“My car takes forever to warm up,” Trupiano said of the 1997 Chrysler Concorde. “And I believe the temperature was around 5 degrees outside.”

The $128 Ticket
When he came back outside there was a ticket for $128 parking ticket he received for leaving his car unattended with the keys in the ignition -- in his own driveway!!

Mr. Trupiano has decided to fight back against this ridiculous ticket. He is being represented, pro bono (for free,) by attorney Nicholas P. Somberg of Somberg Law in Rochester Hills Mi.

Atty. Nicholas Somberg
"This is unjust," Somberg wrote on a GoFundMe page he created to buy Trupiano a decent vehicle better suited for Michigan's frigid winters. "He did nothing wrong but warm up his car so his own family could be warm!"

"This police officer had no business coming onto his private property let alone leaving this ticket!" Somberg wrote. "The City of Roseville cites "public safety" but we all know this was nothing more than revenue generation."

The GoFundMe page set up by Somberg can be found at:

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