Thursday, March 5, 2015


Call Michigan Congressman Dr. Dan Benishek at 202-225-4735 to demand (nicely) that he grant Bobby Powell 10 minutes for an interview.

Dr. Dan Benishek
I have been asking Dr. Benishek for an interview for more than 2 years, but he keeps on ducking me. Whether in our home district, or here in Washington DC, Dr. Benishek refuses to meet with me to defend his support for the National Defense Authorization Act.

The NDAA is an unconstitutional attack on state's rights and individual liberties that allows the US military to arrest any person without a charge and hold them indefinitely without a trial or access to a lawyer. This absolutely treasonous law even allows the military to send a kidnapped US citizen to a foreign country where they would undoubtedly be tortured.

23 states, including Michigan, have nullified sections 1021 and 1022 of the NDAA, making it a crime for any employee of the state to cooperate with the black bagging of its citizens. In Michigan, state level Representatives and Senators voted unanimously to nullify the NDAA - UNANIMOUSLY, on both sides of the aisle - which should indicate to anyone how deadly serious this issue is, and how the People of the state of Michigan feel.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder signed that legislation into law two years ago, yet Representative Benishek continues to vote in favor of the NDAA. The People of Michigan demand to know why Dr. Benishek has turned his back on his constituents, consistently voting to allow the federal government to kidnap, indefinitely detain, and perform "extraordinary renditions" of US citizens to foreign countries where they would most likely be tortured.

For a man whose campaign slogan was, "Standing up for the citizens of Northern Michigan and the Upper Peninsula," he sure has a funny way of showing it. As one of his constituents, and on behalf of the 5,000 TTiV subscribers who live in Dr. Benishek's district, an explanation for this betrayal is required.

So please, share this post on every social media platform you can so we can LIGHT UP HIS SWITCHBOARD, until Dr. Benishek agrees to an interview with The Truth Is Viral Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell to explain himself to his constituents and the American people.

Let's get it done people.

God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. I called and they said they would give him the message! NICE & PRICELESS

  2. Benishek doesn't grant interviews to idiots. He's funny like that.

  3. By the way. The "big" demonstration in DC on Tuesday? What a fail. Another fail. You RWNJ's are becoming experts in organizing movements with no members. I can't tell you how much entertainment you give to people of normal or better intelligence.

  4. That is a decision he will regret, and you can TAKE THAT TO THE BANK.

  5. Tiny David slew Goliath with a single stone. It's not the size of the dog in the fight that counts, but the size of the fight in the dog. Keep pushing us "RWNJ's" into a corner and see what happens.