Thursday, March 5, 2015

Ferguson: America’s Kristallnacht

Can deception sweep a nation of God-fearing people? Can those who have taken fearless stands against the order of the day and the bastardization of the Christian faith be brought to a place of believing a lie? I would suggest that the answer is a resounding yes, and not surprising at all.
History shows that it has happened time and time again.

The titillating title of this piece should signal to you that I believe that there is a clear comparative between the orchestration of events on the infamous evening in Germany where thousands of Synagogues, places of business and homes of Jews were vandalized and the orchestrated events of Ferguson Missouri. The differences are minimal but the notion that the effective practices of one Joseph Goebbels and those of Valerie Jarrett are similar are more than just happenstance.

The aims and objectives of both of these manipulators of the human drama are eerily the same. A false righteousness, created in the crucible of chaos, given a deceptive name (racism or civil unrest) and then being handled by the authoritative boot heel of government power to pave the way for dictatorial measures is classic.

The written narrative of the day and time of Goebbels and Kristallnacht as with the narrative of Ferguson ignores the major reality of the government-funded thugs who rose to the occasion and did the bidding of the producer/director/casting director/funder of the initiatives. Goebbels and Hitler needed an excuse to grab total control of the nation; Kristallnacht and the burning of the Reichstag gave them what they needed.

Educator and former intelligence operative Dr. Jim Garrow was the runner-up to President Barack Obama for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. The Pink Pagoda, a group started by Dr. Garrow, is responsible for saving the lives of over 40,000 Chinese baby girls from China’s one-child policy.

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