Saturday, November 22, 2014

TTiV Prayer Warrior Call To Action: "Father, Please Save My Wife"

Celebrating Our Anniversary At A Petoskey B&B 2013, Courtesy Jim Babbitt's Family

I would like to thank all of The Truth Is Viral's subscribers for their loyalty over the past few years. I apologize that I have not been around much lately, but being with and caring for my wife DeLynn takes precedence over everything right now.

All attempts to treat her Stage IV Colorectal and Liver Cancer, including state-of-the-art chemotherapies and a few alternative treatments such as baking soda and molasses, have failed. Her most recent PET scan showed an increase in the number of tumors in both her liver and colon, as well as increased tumor size and metabolic activity.

DeLynn Holds Our Grandson Conner For The 1st Time 1/14

She is in an incredible amount of pain, and she is very weak; but she also has an incredible spirit - the Spirit of a Warrior - and she will NEVER give up.

Her oncologist is continuing three less toxic chemotherapy drugs every other week in hopes of extending her life, but barring a miracle my beloved wife of 28 years will be going Home to Father soon.

We would both appreciate your prayers. Specifically, please ask that Father will completely cure her cancer, diabetes, and the excruciatingly painful diabetic neuropathy that had disabled her long before she was stricken with cancer.

DeLynn @ The Garden Of The Gods in 1987
My poor baby girl has suffered so much over the past 17 years since the neuropathy started in her feet, eventually encompassing every square inch of her body except from the neck up. She describes the pain as being "boiled in oil." This kind, loving, faithful woman has suffered enough, more than enough. She deserves to be healed.

(Look at the photo on the right. Isn't she beautiful?)

If a healing miracle is not God's will, surely He won't begrudge us the strength we, particularly I, will need to cope with her passing. Pray for that strength too, in Jesus' Holy Name, and I know that the Comforter will be with us in these dark days.

As far as producing The Truth Is Viral goes, I will continue to do what I can when I can. We are at war with the Devil himself, and we will ALL take casualties before this battle is over. When my beloved wife DeLynn goes Home to be, and wait for me, with Father, there will be two casualties: Her AND I. Her problems will be over. Mine will have just begun.

Again, all I ask is that you keep us both lifted up to Father in your prayers. Maybe you could put our names on the prayer list at your church to ask your fellow worshipers to mention us. The more people that pray for my wife, the better. I KNOW Father can work miracles, I've SEEN it, and so have TTiV viewers, in this video:  

Our God, the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the Almighty and Great Physician, CAN heal my wife. If you just watched that video you saw for yourself how the swelling in her arm decreased as she read online prayers left for her. The only question is; "Will He?"

If God miraculously heals my wife, I promise at this moment that I will tirelessly share that healing miracle with the rest of the world as proof that our God Jehovah is indeed the "King of Kings" and "Lord of Lords." If saving her is not His will, I will praise Him for the 28 wonderful years that we have had together, the five beautiful children we made, and the privilege of having known true love; but truth be told, I'd much prefer another 28 years together on this Earth, so let's pray for that shall we?

Thank you, God bless and Semper Fi,


  1. Our Prayers are with and for you and your wife Bobby. May peace from above preside over you & DeLynn ! Dear Lord Please take care of these two children of yours and bring them hope and healing. Amen.

  2. Thank you brother Wayne, and may God bless you and yours too.

  3. still praying...asking as instructed...never instructed to you both. your sister in Jesus, Maureen

  4. You are our ROCK sister, our most powerful and faithful intercessor. God bless you each and every day for what you do.

  5. Visit Large doses of Molassess and Baking soda begin to kill cancer cells virtually overnight. Extremely fast results. Read the testimonials on the website.

  6. Dear Heavenly Father we bring Bobby and his wife before you Lord in prayer. We pray for a healing for DeLynn that all the cancer vanishes from her body Lord. We collectively ask this is made so in Jesus name.

  7. Hi Bobby I want to say it's ok if you're not making any videos your taking care of what's important. I still feel bad for your Wife that she's going through this you know as I told you I went through my Grandma with Dementia for over 4 years it was hard to go through. BTW was that at The Garden Of The Gods near Harrisburg IL in Saline County cause I live in Saline County IL.

    Thank you for your service as a Marine & a Patriot


  8. God bless you & yours Bobby, I'm asking everyone in Christ I know to Pray for her & you. May God Almighty give you both Healing, Grace, Peace & Power in Jesus Christ's Mighty name, Amen & Amen!

  9. I would like to come pray for her. (Bishop Anthony Rose)

  10. No, that was the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Bless you all for thinking of us.

  11. Okay just wondering & take all the time you need with your Wife.

    Thanks JRP

  12. Bobby please contact the center can help Delynn. They cure many cancers. I am praying for you and Delynn every day. I believe in miracles. GOD bless you.