Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Dr. Bill H. Weld Is Dead; Justin Tribble Admits Role In Nano Domestic Quell Virus Hoax

Serial hoaxer Justin Tribble fessed up to his role in an internet hoax that has had the Youtube "Truther" community in an uproar for months. On Monday, November 11th, Tribble shut down the Dr. Bill H. Weld Youtube page and Facebook accounts.

He modified "Dr. Weld's" blog to reflect the true owner - himself - and used the blog to issue an apology to those he has misled and falsely accused of committing crimes including harassment and physical threats.

This hoax should serve as a warning to those people who search the Internet for Truth: Don't believe everything you hear. It should also serve as a reminder to talk show hosts to properly vet their guests, especially those who make wild claims about leaked government documents or "insider" information.

The Truth Is Viral prides itself on following the Journalist's Code of Ethics and making sure that our guests are who they say they are. This is one reason we go after "Big Name" guests like Dr. Chuck Missler and CIA spies Reza Kahlili and Clare Lopez, this is why we call NATO HQ, the Pentagon, or the Iranian Mission to the U.N. ourselves to get statements, this is why we try to always have some type of tangible evidence to show you - to maintain our standing as the Number One Source for Truthful Alternative Media News coverage since 2008.

God bless and Semper Fi,

EDIT 11/12/13 - It seems there is at least one fella that is feeling a little butthurt because he feels he did all of the work taking down Justin Tribble and I got all the credit. He, and one of his buddies, feel that I slighted them because I didn't mention them in either of the two videos I made about Justin Tribble. That would be because I didn't use any of their research when I made my videos. I did my own research, and I didn't use ANY of their material; so why would I mention them or what they did? 

Below are screenshots proving that Dr. Bill H Weld never existed - MY screenshots, nobody else's.

This is a screenshot of my initial conversation with Tribble on Facebook in which he promised that he would come clean and tell the truth.

When he didn't, when Tribble came out with yet another Weld video I decided to go after him again; only a little harder this time because the Weld Character made a slanderous, and actionable, statement against me stating that I had physically threatened his girlfriend. I'm not an anonymous Youtube "Truther." I am a legitimate journalist with a sterling reputation and I will not have it sullied by some Internet troll.

Here is our conversation on Youtube in which I finally convince him to come clean.

Anybody that says I didn't put the work in on this story is full of it. So I didn't make a dozen videos comparing speech patterns and making snarky comments, so I didn't conduct my research and communications in public, so what? Wanna know what that proves?

It proves I'm a professional and I can make my point once and be done with it. Just like I'm done with these clowns.

One last thing: I didn't even become aware of these boys until I started making the second video. After I finally did see all of the research they did I was suitably impressed and I was going to give them a huge shoutout along with others who also took part in exposing Tribble/Weld.  Notice the "was" in that last sentence.

Now they think they are going to troll me, saying that I "stole" their work. LOL, knock yourselves out kids. This should be funny.

EDIT 11/14 Who is the LIAR again Mr. +thexombiekiller ? Better yet, who is the "phail"? LOL, dude, you were SCOOPED. Live with it and learn. Most importantly, learn not to be such a damn baby.


  1. People would not have to search for truth so much, if assholes like this guy would stop publishing their useless dribble and then pat themselves on the back for doing the community a service. He does not service his community by lying - there are enough liars in government, media and MIC already - he is doing a dis-service. This POS thinks he's so fucken smart by deceiving people...in fact he is a traitor to his community. I doubt this lying sack of feces could do in-depth reporting anyhow - just another douche bag we the people have to deal with.

    1. Awww, someone needs their diaper changed huh? I have some ointment for that diaper rash, or is it just Internet Butthurt? If it is, I'm afraid there's no treatment for that other than growing up and realizing that you got scooped BIG TIME!

    2. Seriously how old are you Bobby Powell? Why do you correspond like an angry Jr. high school teenager with a bad case off acne who can't get a date? Act your age, be the better man. Are you even a Christian? I've seen your flagrant use profanity and aggressive bully style on Youtube toward Xombiekiller and you embarrass yourself with your conduct. Xombie is a young guy maybe even a teen, it's hard to tell but you are an old man who's already lost his hair can't you conduct yourself like an adult?



  4. Give us one original bit of fact that you your self exposed first, just one. WE ALL KNEW HE WAS A FRAUD ALREADY!

    1. Did you not see the emails where I convinced him to put an end to the hoax?

      By the way. I've seen your comments, ALL of them, and I have come to the conclusion that you are mentally ill. If you continue to make slanderous accusations against me (claiming that I have threatened you when you know that I haven't done any such thing) I promise you that the men in the little white coats will be paying you a visit to do a "wellness check."

      And yes, I do remember when you first came to me with your story about being raped by Senator Robert Byrd. I'm sorry that I could not help you, but an unfounded, and unprovable, accusation against a dead man is not something I can help you with.

      I say this with the love of Christ in my heart brother. Please Jason, take my advice and go see your doctor. You aren't well and you need help.

      Father please lay your healing hands on this man and ease his troubled mind and soul.


    2. Bobby, stop lying. You are a fraud and a liar.
      Your investigation was a day late.
      Justin was busted prior to Oct. 30, as your screenshot show, he had already come out.... nice try though.
      U lose again, Bobby, come at me brah

    3. You may have thought he was busted, but he didn't admit it to you now did he? No, numbnuts, he read two messages from me and did what you couldn't get him to do for 2 months.

      LOL, that's GOTTA sting.

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  6. I am so ashamed. I thought you were a better Christian. I am unsubbing.

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  8. xombiekiller really is a petulant little baby. I also love that Justin gave all of the credit of exposing him to you in comments and subsequent videos.