Friday, November 22, 2013

Cancer Victim's Obamacare Nightmare; Denied Coverage By Obama Death Panel

Barack Obama has said that the thing he's best at is killing people. For once, he's telling the truth. I know this because he has killed me and my wife with the health care legislation that bears his name, no matter how hard the Left is now insisting on calling it the Affordable Care Act instead of Obamacare. Whatever they call it, it's still a lie; and the provisions therein have ensured that my wife will die a painful, and needless death. And I won't be far behind. 

That's not hyperbole folks. After trying, and failing, to log in to Obamacare's joke of a website on October 1st, I went to our family doctor who had one of his employees working as an Obamacare "navigator" and reapplied for the Medicaid that was taken away from me last year when I first reported $200 in income from the show.
Bobby & DeLynn Powell
Not only was my application for Medicaid denied, my wife's was too even though she was recertified for her Medicaid just two months ago. There is no doubt that her Medicaid was cancelled because I applied for Obamacare! In case you are unfamiliar, she is in the midst of a heroic battle against Stage IV Colo-rectal and Liver cancer. To top it all off, I got a letter last week telling me that my son Adam would no longer be getting free school lunches. GEEZ!

You have to remember that even though I look fairly strong on camera I really AM disabled. I'm in tremendous pain, all of the time. I spend most of the day on the couch in my own homemade traction contraption hooked up to a TENS unit so that I can get on my feet for a few hours a day to film the show without limping and grunting and groaning like a caveman.

Ask Sir Patrick, my beloved friend and TTiV Admin who just happens to live a couple of blocks away. He heard me grunt ALL DAY (UUHHH, AHHHH, DAMN!!!) when I helped him move a couple of weeks ago. LOL! He's not in much better shape with a messed up knee and other painful afflictions. Between the two of us we make a funny pair of broken-down old farts.

Back to business, I have ongoing medical issues that are fatal if left untreated; and I'm not talking about fatal 20 years from now either. I could literally die at any time.

Oh screw it. I wasn't going to say anything but I'm not going to be able to hide it much longer anyway. Here goes.

My liver is on the brink of failure due to Hepatitis C that I contracted from a tattoo I got to celebrate my graduation from Advanced Infantry Training at Camp Geiger in 1979. (Thanks a lot Zeke, you ass!) I'm getting sicker all of the time, which is why there was no new show last week. It is taking every bit of strength that I have to take care of DeLynn and the house.

Anyway, I've done the standard treatment for Hep C twice since I first found out that I had it in 1994. It was discovered during blood tests taken when I was hospitalized after the chemical leak that robbed me of my ability to read, write, and speak without stuttering to the point of babbling. Let me tell you it is NOT pleasant.

Interferon and Ribavirin were the standard treatment for Hep C when I underwent the first regimen of chemo that, for me, lasted 51 weeks. I completed that year of Hell and was told that I was "virus-free." Until 1998, when I was told it had returned. So I went through the chemo again, updated to include a drug called "Pegasus," until I was informed that I was "virus-free" once more.

The last time I had a blood test done, in September of 2012, my Hepatitis C viral load was higher than it had ever been. I need to take the chemotherapy again, but...

The difference between taking the treatment now and taking it then are two-fold. In 1998, DeLynn was healthy. She was, in fact, pregnant with Adam so she was radiantly beautiful! My point is, she was able to take care of me, something that she did without ever having a single thought for herself.

The treatment for Hep C is extremely debilitating. For an entire year she fed me, helped me in and out of bed to go to the bathroom, even bathing me when I was too weak to do it myself. That is exactly what I do for her now. If I were to start chemotherapy too, who would take care of her? I wouldn't be able to do it. We'd have to have someone come in to take care of both of us.

Even if I were so inclined, I couldn't afford the treatment. I still have Medicare (for the moment,) but that only pays 80% of hospital expenses, and not a dime on prescriptions. They took away my Medicaid and a third of our disability income - including every penny of food stamps and the $200 monthly Medicare premium that Medicaid had been paying for - once I reported PRE-expenses income of $200.

And then there's the MS. During a brain scan that I received in 2008, "2-3mm foci" were found scattered throughout my brain, "indicative of Multiple Sclerosis or another demyelinating disease." Thank God I have been pretty much asymptomatic; so far.

Basically, I'm screwed.

So forget me, let's focus on my wife. This isn't right, the way we're being treated by the government; at ANY level. It was just as IRS employees were being outed for targeting Tea Partiers that I finally got fed up with not getting ANY phone calls returned from Social Services (not one call returned in 6 months) and went down there demanding to speak to her supervisor, threatening to expose their garbage on this program.

So despite the extremely hopeful news that DeLynn's most recent PET scan revealed, that most of the tumors in her liver are no longer showing any metabolic activity (they have calcified, turned to stone!) my wife is probably going to die anyway without Medicaid to pay for ongoing treatments to kill the rest of the cancer. Our "worker" targeted us because of the content of my show, I'm sure of it. I'm sure because our problems didn't begin until I told her that I was trying to go back to work and gave her the website address. I was made doubly sure when her supervisor turned DeLynn's Medicaid back on while I was waiting in the lobby without even talking to me!

When Obamacare rolled out I was hoping that something might have changed, that the new rules would allow me to get my Medicaid back and get what medical care I could. My doctor gave me a prescription for pain killers for my left arm, which at the moment is pretty much useless. I couldn't get the prescription filled for almost two weeks because even the generic brand cost $30 I didn't have. It wasn't until one of you beautiful people sent in a donation that I was able to buy the medicine and get some relief.

One of my doctor's employees had been assigned as an Obamacare "navigator," and she told me that my application would be sent right to Grand Rapids, that it would bypass our local office and all of the attending problems altogether, and that I should never have lost my Medicaid in the first place.

We spent an hour and a half going over my income and expenses from the show, my medical history, prognoses, and current medical needs. Then she hit the enter button and shot it off to Grand Rapids just like she said she would.

Then the next week we got a letter from the local office requesting information on every damn thing under the Sun; information that we have provided them half a dozen times this year, information that was included in what we gave the Obamavator.

I'm done... I can't do any more.

Maybe if Megyn Kelly, Sean Hannity, Greta van Sustren, or Greg Gutfeld picks this story up on one of their shows we'll finally get some justice. It's not right for my wife to be needlessly upset all of the time, scared to death that they are going to leave her - and me - to die needlessly and in pain. 
Please Tweet the following Tweets and let's see if we can get the attention of someone who can help us. I need you guys to help us here; then I'd appreciate it greatly if you would ask Father to be with us. We're really being tested, but my Faith in God is unshakeable and I know that whatever happens He will be here with us; our Rock, our Mighty Fortress, and our High Tower.

Kinda like you guys, my TTiV family.

God bless and Semper Fi,

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  2. Bobby, Thanks for the web site and all the info you share. God bless you and your wife. I sent a small donation that I hope you can use for your personal expenses.

  3. NIBIRU,is on its way,they need to get a war going, so everyones resourses will be used up when its in the sky,and they look up and see it,THEY WANT YOU TO BUSY TO LOOKUP TILL ITS TO LATE TO GET READY,DEPOPULATION,by NIBIRU......and so far the PLAN is working great......................

  4. Tweets sent, Bobby...hope I did it right. Sharing on FB next. God bless you and your wife....we'll be praying for you!

  5. Have you looked into possible alternative treatments? There are several possibilities, but I'm no expert. This short video might be a good place to start:
    Good luck and God bless you and your family!

    1. Especially try virgin coconut oil. It has been proven to help!

  6. God bless you and wife Bobby. The DAV helped me get the help i needed at the V.A. years ago and it might be worth a shot to contact them for the Hepatitis C caused by your tattoo. I believe that would be considered service connected as you got it while serving and if anyone can get it for you the DAV can. The country owes you that much.

  7. I am praying for you guys. There are alternative medicines that have the high potentiopal to cure you and your wife! The medical system is geared to "cure" you with expensive poisons that leach you dry of finances and leave you chonically ill so you have to keep coming back to them. I have seen very effective narural treatments for everything that you and your wife have!!!!!! And it is all nutritional and lifestyle changes! You guys can beat this!

    Don't believe the medical establishment! Go looking for it! You guys can survive this and go at them even stronger! God bless you!

  8. For what its worth. I saw a testimony on youtube of a man that stage IV pancreas cancer that was cured by drinking baking soda. Just search cure cancer with baking soda. What would it hurt if you drink it every day while waiting for a miracle. I listened to a doctor who said cancer was a fungus and that is why it can be cured that way. My heart goes out to you. I lost my husband to cancer from the brain to the bones to the liver and it started in the lungs. I wish I had known this because I would have tried anything and I did but I haven't heard about the baking soda. My brother is a vet and he lost his disability a few years ago. There is a judgement day coming, and they will fill all the pain that they are afflicting on the people and there eternity will be in the lake of fire forever. AMEN & AMEN! Please draw closer to Jesus than you have ever in your life. God bless.

  9. Sorry to hear the pain and stress you and your wife are suffering from... its obvious that obamacare has been set up to remove large portions of the US population from access to what they need and therefore kill them off... these are the same people that would try to stop you from using things like Cannabis so you can buy their pills... my advice is look into things from nature that have been here all along and hidden from us for profit... check out the magical powers of Cannabis and other natural herbs forget about the government and their pharmaceutical industry they dont care... good luck

  10. National healthcare insurance defined by the underwriters will include the trap door provision for an end of life requirement to lessen their financial responsibilities.

  11. Bob, remember this.... Illegitimi non carborundum! DON'T LET THE BASTARDS WEAR YOU DOWN!

    Personally, I wouldn't trust Hannity any farther then I could throw him. He openly admitted on his program after being put on the spot by a caller that he had been invited to Bohemian Grove on numerous occasions, but never attended because he was far too busy. Now ask yourself, if they didn't consider Hannity one of them, or know he could be turned, why would the evil bastards extend an invitation for him to attend their perverted country club weekend?

  12. My heart goes out to you and your wife. You were rewarded for being honest, it's unfortunate but the way the system is you get punished for being honest. That's because so many people abused it by lying on purpose for so long then when someone is upfront and honest, it stands out. You weren't targeted my friend, you were honest. Hang in there, it could always be worse. I don't know why they keep asking for the same stuff all over and over again, it's frustrating but if you got it....send it. Just keep staying strong, I promise you are not targeted though it may feel like it. I made my Medicaid spenddown and sent everything in right away, it wasn't updated in the system for over two months therefore I couldn't use it, that happened twice this year. Hang in everything they say like you have and you WILL end up smelling like a Rose. I think they keep asking, because it weeds out the keep sending it in. So many changes, so many's hard for them to keep up with it.

  13. Dear Bobby, I need to tell you about a Canadian man, Tony Pantallersco who is a licensed herbalist, an expert on supplements and foods; he also has many remedies one could make in their own home for a myriad of conditions. He is known throughout the world and has many videos on you tube demonstrating how to make his remedies.He is on facebook, etc. I must tell you right away that there is a natural pain killer one could purchase in health food stores and elsewhere, but I don't remember its name, ask him for it.. I know this man is a man of integrity, honest and caring. He is not greedy and never tries to sell anything to you. I was ill, he told me not to purchase from him because of the would take for him to mail the items and that I could get those items myself. Tony is featured on the main page of the Christian web site ,Proclaiming The Truth - Let His Truth Reign.and you'll see his contact info & his photo and the owner of that site has stated to me how much he had helped her and her husband and so very many others all over this country as well. Bobby, I will send your post to Tony and hope he'll be able to open the link so that he has this information. He charges $35.00 for an hour of consultation and advice by telephone but I can do 3-way calling so that it would cost you nothing for the phone call and I will pay for your consultation, but not until Dec.3rd when my SS check comes in. Here is his contact info. Email: -- Phone # 1-519-977-5351 and he knows my name, Barbara Berry. I do hope you'll contact him asap, give him your phone # make an appointment for any time day or evening, I am in Michigan. I will contact Tony to tell him you'll contact him and he will let me know when this appointment will take place and he could give you my Ph # and email address as well. After that, I can call him, then call you for the 3-way. Meanwhile Bobby, I will continue to pray and trust our Father that in His mercy, He will give a miracle to both of you. And I pray that in the name of Jesus Christ, it be so.

  14. Dear Bobby, I have good news for you. it doesn't have to end like this. just simply change to a vegetarian diet is to key to being disease free. I know it hard to believed but it true I have by eating only raw fruit, nut, veg and only drink distill water. I used to wearing glass and have many issue with my health but about a year ago i have committed to this new eating habit and its completely change my life. now, i don't wear glasses anymore well except driving at night with lighter glass prescription and somehow gaining more energy than i could ever remember. anyway, I hope this help and remember to buy organic food (No GMO) at a farm or better yet grow your own. God bless

  15. Look up Dr Mark Sircus.

  16. And when you scam all the money you can from these suckers ... you and your lovely "wife" can start your own ministry. I'm sure you'd be a great televangelist ... there's a sucker born every minute!

    1. You are an evil man to suggest such a thing about Bob Powell. God help you.

    2. Real nice, you are a terrible person. It's one thing to assume something and then even write it on the internet. But to do that for this man's story, who I feel like I know because I have been listening to him for so long, hurts me to my bones. You could go look at some Bobby Powell material out there and see how wrong you are, but that would be a terrible self realization for you.

      Pig Love

  17. I came across your video and I will pray for you both! I am in the same boat. I have been bedridden at 42 years old for 2 years will 50+ diagnosis. I have Chronic Lyme Disease. I just had an MRI done and have 28 lesions on my brain. They want to test me for MS but my cobra ran out the end of October. I have applied for Ocare and was denied which I do not see how as I make very little on previous employer disability but make too much for Medicaid. I have no idea how I will get treated and my meds. My meds are around $3K a month so I am doing without most of them because I do not have that kind of money and that is not even covering the doctors fees! So if anyone "GETS IT" I do. I truly know the fear and anxiety of wondering how those of us in the situation will get the care we need. I just keep praying and turn it over to God. Your wife is very lucky to have a good man like yourself! God Bless you guys! I have already lifted you two up in prayer and will continue to pray for you!


    1. God bless you Christie. It won't be much longer now sweetheart, Our Father is coming with our new bodies. I'll tell ya, I can't wait.

    2. Hi Christie, I will pray for you and I want you to know I had written to Bobby with something he should try, which is to contact a person I trust. I wrote a lengthy comment above yours dated Nov.23 at 4:12 name is Barbara and the email address for that man is in my letter to Bobby. Jesus is with you every moment and His
      word states, "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in Thee"

  18. Tweeted, G+ed and FBed - we will be praying for your family. I am so sorry for your situation. I haven't ever listened to your show, but I will try to going forward, as much as a house full of homeschooled kids will allow (clearly, we're terrorists, right? heh). God bless you all!

  19. "He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength." Isaiah 40:29 You are in my prayers. One day none of this will matter. We will have new bodies with no pain. I can't wait :) stay strong. God bless you and your family. And remember God always provides you with what you need. Trust him.

  20. This site tells the story of Dr. Loraine Day who was in the hospital with one day left before cancer was supposed to take her life. She cured herself. Her DVD's are at many libraries.
    Also go to youtube & "search" the Rick Simpson Story: Run from the cure

  21. Bob, I just heard about your wife and yourself with the illnesses etc. I don't have any money to donate, but I can help get your both healthy, ( I had cancer when I was 26, and I am 63 right now.) because I have been through much of what you both suffer. However, you both "must" take your healthcare into your own hands. You cannot rely on main stream medical "practicing" doctors.

    First you must do your own research. I will provide you with some material to read, and videos to watch. The idea is to develop your faith and knowledge so you know what you are doing.:
    good video to watch:

    Here is another type:

    This will teach you how the industry is run and how little the industry cares about your health:

    NOTE: the key to Healing is proper eating, juicing, herbs etc with clean raw foods and nutrition. Clean meaning no GMO's, no Pesticides, no Chemicals. No processed foods, NO meats or dairy, (beef carries bovine Leukemia virus, even organic beef. Don't add to the problem.)

    A real good shopping guide:

    Remember, on the label of the chemo therapy, you can read that the side effects ARE CANCER. So... is they are giving you poison that causes cancer how are they healing you?

    To help you understand, as you can relate to the truth, since it is the truth that will set you free: The chemo-therapy agenda is the run by the AMA, FDA, etc. It is all a corporation, following the dictates of Pharmaceutical companies to pay the stock holders. Doctors are trained to sell these chemicals to make money for these drug companies and their paychecks.

    NO doctor is trained to heal a person of any ailment, because healing does not earn money for a large corporation. Being sick is the money maker. FOLLOW THE MONEY.

    Cannabis/Marijuana is illegal except for about 20 states. This herb is a cancer killer. Especially if you use the Rick Simpson formula:

    The answer is to EAT CLEAN, Juice a lot of concentrated nutrician, Maybe add coffee enemas to clean the bile ducts of any built up chemical waste, smoke Cannabis, and use black salve under your tongue 2 times a day. "Breath" deeply, get a lot of clean oxygen into your system. If you cannot add a lot of clean breathing, get 35% food grade Hydrogin Peroxide and follow these directions: The oxygen in the body will also kill cancer.

    SO, you raise the immunity, you remove the chemicals, you give the body plenty of oxygen, you clean out any chemical residue, and you add black salve and cannabis to boost the human cannabiod system into high gear to heal. It is easy, and it works... These therapies have been around since the 1920's and they are prohibited by Big Pharma because they work and the big corporations cannot make money.

    Pray, take matters into your own hands, put out the call to God for faith and strength, heal. God Bless you.

  22. Please read this article:

    It would appear what your insurance company did was illegal. I hope this can be rectified. I pray for your wife every day. God Bless

  23. I wish you and your wife the best.

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