Wednesday, February 13, 2013

TV Station WBKB Files Charges Against Reporter For Doing His Job: Exposing Anti-Gun Bias, Death And Rape Threats

I have been walking around Alpena Michigan with a huge gun strapped to my thigh for over a month now, distributing flyers to businesses and passers-by promoting 2nd Amendment demonstrations in Michigan. I've informed the local television station of when and where I would be a couple of times. Trust me, in this tiny hamlet that is BIG news; but WBKB TV11 is refusing to cover this story for political reasons. They are so deep in the pockets of the Obama administration, they have forgotten that they are required to publish legitimate news as a public service.

As a result of my support of the 2nd Amendment and comments I have made on the internet, I have been receiving death threats. As a public figure, a certain amount of hate mail is to be expected; but I draw the line when my wife of 25 years, who is battling Stage 4 Colo-rectal and Liver cancer, is threatened with RAPE, and my children's lives threatened, by some scumbag L.A. gang banger. This is an open investigation at the Alpena County Sheriff's Department, yet because it would reflect negatively on Obama's anti-gun agenda the station refuses to cover that story either.

So I have published the above Call to Action in an effort to force WBKB to do their job. Aren't you also sick and tired of being lied to by the news media? Here's your chance to take action and change that - at least once. Call WBKB at the number listed below, and ask them why they refuse to cover the 2nd Amendment protests taking place in Michigan. While you have them on the phone, you can also ask why they haven't said a word about "famous" crapper The Game's friends calling for my death and the rape of my cancer-stricken wife just because of my personal views on gun control and his blasphemous album art, the same view held by most of WBKB's viewers.

They are going to say, "We can't report on just one side of the story." I was a journalist before most of the employees at WBKB were even born, and I can tell you right now that this excuse is just that; an excuse that they give to uninformed, journalistic civilians, who don't know any better. It's also a lie.

This not just someone's opinion, this is an open investigation at the Sheriff's Office; that is news of public record. They can go down there and find the report themselves, of course that would require somebody at the station to act like a journalist, something that WBKB has had a problem with for a LONG time. It is actually the smallest network market in the United States, and WBKB is invariably staffed with recent graduates of broadcasting schools. I hope that these kids take a lesson here on how to report the news, as I have been in the game longer than most of them have been alive and I like to think that I know what I'm doing.

The detective assigned to this case has been doing a fine job with the limited resources he has at his disposal. Please don't call the Alpena County Sheriff's Office to complain that these scumbags haven't been arrested yet because they really are doing all they can. It's the Feds that are dragging their feet.

At the moment it is WBKB that is standing in the way of truth and justice, and it is them to whom you should direct your questions and displeasure. Please do be nice when you call though; nice but firm and insistent. Let them know that you don't buy their excuses and that you will be calling back to check on whether or not they have decided to cover these stories; but please don't make any threats or anything like that, it's totally unnecessary. We have legal means at our disposal that will force WBKB to do the right thing.

The management at WBKB is utterly failing in their responsibility to serve the public interest. No, I take that back, they aren't failing - that would imply that they tried to do something in the first place - they are REFUSING to do anything that might expose the loving, peaceful message of anti-gun proponents; that my children and I should die, and my wife should be raped.

To WBKB: You had better not stand in my way on this thing. You can stand with me or you can oppose me, it's your choice. Just know that if you choose the wrong side, if you stand with these anti-gun, wife raping, murdering maggots and against me and the truth, I WILL become the biggest pain in the ass that you have ever experienced. If you think the phone calls are bad now, wait until I'm standing out in front of the station with a 10-foot long banner that says "WBKB LIES TO YOU" for a few hours a day.

Then one day soon WBKB is going to have its license renewal hearing. Guess who's going to be in attendance to see you respond to my formal complaint to the FCC?

I'm NOT going to let this go. The people in your viewing area are my friends, my neighbors, and my family. I will not allow you to lie to them, even when the lies come in the form of purposeful omission. I guarantee you that sooner or later, WBKB is going to cover this story. The only question is, how painful do you want that process to be? The phone calls will continue until you agree to cover these stories. You want to find an opposing viewpoint, fine; but I WILL BE HEARD.

Dear reader, please tweet this video, directed @WBKB11, then share it on their Facebook wall as a response to one of their posts, and on their Youtube page as well (links below.) After you tweet them and post on their wall, GIVE 'EM A CALL!  Ask for Cher Allen, the General Manager of the station. The number to the station is (989) 356-3434. Please be nice, but ask whoever you speak with why they refuse to cover these stories. So far most people have been put on indefinite hold. If you get disconnected, call back!  Let's show the good people at WBKB the meaning of the phrase "grassroots activism."

The calls so far numbering in the hundreds are starting to work; WBKB is beginning to crack. I got a call from a friend of mine in the Alpena County Sheriff Department just as I was getting my wife to her chemo session at the hospital this morning. "Bobby," my friend said, "WBKB wants to file charges of harassment against you because of all of the phone calls they have been getting about your show. I just wanted to give you the heads up that the State Police are looking for you and would like to talk to you about it."

"Did I do something wrong?" I asked. "Not as far as this department is concerned," he replied. "We know who you are, what you are trying to do, and we don't have any problem with it at all; but I don't think that the State boys have figured you out yet."

Personally, I'm not worried. As far as I'm aware, I haven't done anything but exercise my 1st Amendment right to free speech. I very specifically asked my viewers to "Be nice. We have the Law on our side, so there is no reason for any type of threats." I'm anxiously awaiting to see what the basis is for a charge of ANY type to be laid against me.

I have been extremely careful to follow the law to the letter thus far, and I don't feel as if I have done anything wrong whatsoever. If, however, I am arrested when I go to the State Police post, I welcome the opportunity to have Dan Korobkin, staff attorney with the Michigan ACLU, represent me as he has offered to do in the past. I have his number in my wallet, right next to the card of a local bail bondsman. So I am ready to take this to court if need be.

So please keep a good thought in your brain housing group for me, and maybe keep a prayer on your lips. I am doing exactly what I feel is right, and it makes no difference if the threats come from gangbangers, anti-gun nuts, or the 4th Estate: I will NOT be silenced.

Until WBKB agrees to cover this story properly, KEEP POURING IT ON with your phone calls, emails, and posts on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, until I tell you otherwise; but remember: Please BE NICE. And share this Call to Action wherever you can.

WBKB PHONE: (989) 356-3434
Semper Fi, and God Bless,


  1. Well Bobby if you knew the law like I do you could get those charges dismissed pronto and file a countersuit but since you didn't want to listen to me I guess you are up a creek without a paddle.
    Good luck anyways.

    1. Sorry I couldn't devote a lot of time towards learning to be my own lawyer.

  2. Great work your putting in I hope people remember the dedication you put in trying to educate them about the crimes which are being committed against every citizen of The United States and other countries by this fascist regime. You & your wife will be in my prayers I wish you the best.
    Tom Garrett

  3. So what happened? When you went to the station? Did they arrest you?
    Praying for you and your wife and family...

  4. Bobby you dont have to learn to be a lawyer. There are no lawyers they are all attorneys. All you have to know is who you are and who the "charges" apply to. Do you have a copy of the charge. I bet my inheritance that the charges are directed to "persons". I am a sovereign so the law does not apply to me according to the supreme court. U.S. citizens are 14th Amendment "persons". State Citizens are the sovereigns. Once you know this the rest will fall into place.
    “In common usage, the term 'person' does not include the sovereign, and statutes employing the word are ordinarily construed to exclude it.” Wilson v. Omaha Indian Tribe, 442 U.S. 653, 667 (1979). See also, U.S. v. Cooper, 312 U.S. 600, 604, 61 S.Ct.742 (1941).

    geoffrey-franklin : finn
    Citizen of the one of the Several states of the Union.