Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving From Bobby & Family

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving. It's been a challenge getting this video finished in time. I'd make a few big edits and let them render while running back and forth to the kitchen to help the missus make Thanksgiving dinner.

I'll come back to read your comments later. Right now I have about ten pounds of potatoes to peel.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends; enjoy this time with your friends and family.


UPDATE 11:15 p.m.:Everyone is gone now, and DeLynn is sleeping on the couch next to me. We had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. Three of our children and one of our granddaughters were able to join us for turkey with stuffing and cranberry dressing, green bean casserole, garlic/cream cheese mashed potatoes with turkey gravy, pistachio ambrosia, and a cherry cheesecake.

Thankfully the adults, who know the severity of my wife's illness, were able to maintain their composure and not a tear was shed. As far as the kids know this was a perfectly normal Thanksgiving dinner, and truth be told it was not normal; it was perfect. Thank you Jesus.

Looks like that L-Tryptophan coma is sneaking up on me, so I'm going to call it a night - and enjoy the rhythm of my beautiful wife's breathing for a while. Please Lord, don't take her away from me yet. I can't breathe without her.


  1. Bob, have you or your wife looked into any "alternative" cancer treatments for your wife's condition? A good site you should checkout is You will find a plethora of information on alternative cancer treatmeents (over 600) for ALL types of early to late stage cancers. I believe the lord has given his creation the ability to heal ourselves of many types of sicknesses and diseases with what is found in nature and technology. I pray for you and your wife's full recovery! "May our Father in Heaven bless you and keep you, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you, and grant you peace." Selah!

    Keep up the faith and fight the good fight! Ooah!

    Frank Mumma, Pennsylvania

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    1. Oh and BTW, if you would like to just talk about or need someone to listen, you can feel free to contact me via email at: I know what you are going through. I just recently lost my mother to lymphoma cancer in September. Unfortunately, there was not enough time to for her to begin a alternative therapy, due to the damage caused by the conventional chemotherapy treatments. I wish my mother would have sought out alternative treatments before seeking the services of the mainstream medical community. However, such is the case with most people, who think somehow mainstream medicine is the only "real" and "effective" option when dealing with such deadly diseases. Nothing could be further from the truth!

      Anyway, as a fellow brother in Christ, my prayers are with you and you're wife during this difficult time. And please feel free to contact me with questions or whatever you like.

      Peace to you!
      Frank Mumma

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    3. Thank you Frank. I appreciate that my brother. I'm sure we are going to be looking into just about everything.

    ( G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17 ) ( kat kerr)

    Bob .. Please watch the above video then watch the second video. I am praying for you and your wife and her healing. I heard you on the Pete Santilli show and felt led to visit your site.

    God Bless you


  3. Bob,

    Have a look at this:


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