Thursday, May 21, 2020

Is "Qanon" Real? A Quick And Dirty Hot Take

 I have been a journalist since 1986, and I always try to let my viewers/readers know where I got the information upon which I base my reports, information which in turn influences my opinions about a multitude of subjects. One such subject is the "#Qanon" phenomenon.

Qanon is, allegedly, a group of military intelligence general officers and/or specialists tasked with preserving the Republic from a seditious coup against President Donald J. Trump, plotted and carried out by the highest-ranking members of the US government; the "Deep State" if you will, which had counted on a Clinton presidency to keep their multitude of crimes concealed, and their power unchecked.

According to Qanon, who posts on obscure internet forums, the election of Donald Trump was a severe blow to the Deep State, which had planned to use a Clinton presidency to further rape and pillage our country, selling its resources to the highest bidder, just as Clinton did when she sold 20% of our country's uranium reserve to: Zee Russians.

"Uranium One." Google it. It's a thing.

Anyway, millions of people are convinced that the person/group that posts as Qanon are "White Hats," government officials in the intelligence agencies who take their oath to "protect and defend the Constitution of the United States" seriously, and that they are engaged in a behind-the-scenes battle with "Black Hats," or agents of the Deep State, who are determined to maintain the status quo in Washington DC that President Trump is steadily demolishing with every tweet.

"Q proofs" are tweets from the President that coincide with a post from Qanon, or even a follower of Qanon who replies to a Q post, or some other such Q-related question or request that layer appears in the media, or social media like Twitter. There are literally hundreds of them.

Believing that Qanon is comprised of White Hats fighting to free the American people from the chains of enslavement that have been slowly strangling them for more than a generation is one theory. According to this theory, these career intelligence professionals release what are called "crumbs" in their posts, bits of information that by themselves are not classified, and they are added together with other "crumbs," and "baked into bread" by anons on the board. The finished "loaf of bread" consists of a set of facts, in published reports and/or government documents, Wikileaks emails, etc., that can be found by anybody with a computer.

The bread is then used to make memes, visual representations of facts that may be found with a little bit of research. Qanon has asked his "digital army" of anons to use the internet to bypass the lying mainstream media, posting their memes everywhere, "redpilling" the masses with the truth. Billionaire Elon Musk recently tweeted, "Take the Red Pill," and was retweeted by Ivana Trump.

Another theory is that Qanon is a kid in his basement conducting a Live-Action Role-Play (LARP) for kicks, or a Deep State/Military Intelligence psyop designed to keep a populace that is awaking from their Matrix-like slumber from grabbing torches and pitchforks and storming the castle walls.

According to this theory Qanon could be what is known as "hope porn," a "conspiracy theory" with no basis in reality perpetuated by less-than-scrupulous internet media personalities that follows a dramatic theme as old as written language; "the cavalry is coming and they are going to save us all."

Worse, it could be a psychological operation by agents of the Deep State to protect its infrastructure from being dismantled, and their highest-ranking members imprisoned, to dampen the desire of the American People to take matters into their own hands as their criminality is exposed via the declassification of emails and documents from the Obama administration and his DOJ/FBI that prove the former President and his minions spied on, and tried to sabotage, the incoming Trump administration.

Either way, I am convinced of one thing; Whoever Qanon is (Q+ is supposed to be POTUS himself) he/she/they have access to President Trumps' Twitter account. One year after his election as POTUS, this image was sent out into the Twittersphere from the President's account.

A closer look at the image's meta data shows an unusual filename for the photograph: "DOITQ".

For those into pareidolia...

For me, this one image is enough to strengthen the validity of "Q," and make it worth watching. What do you suppose the odds are of the following happening at once:
The person at the center of the Q phenomenon, President Trump, tweeted an image with the filename "DOITQ" one year to the day after assuming office, just as "Q" begins to drop "crumbs" on the internet, with the thumbs of the people in the photograph held up to be in the shape of a Q?

There are too many "coincidences" in this one photograph to ignore. I will be watching.

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