Monday, January 13, 2020

Are Vaccines Safe? Not According To This Mother

Are vaccines safe? TTiV viewer Teena ReNay Ferguson-Plona says vaccines made her once bright, smiling, bubbly child autistic. And she's not alone.


I have to vent a little bit. Most of you know I have a severely Autistic, severely developmentally delayed, nonverbal son who also has mild seizures. He was disabled by vaccines, I now know. I get so tired of hearing friends, family, parents of Autistic children and pharmaceutical shills tell me that 'I want someone to blame for my son's disability. It is really my messed up genes. It's genetic." 


I have already paid tens of thousands of dollars doing genetic testing on several occasions when Zach was 2-3 years old. And his genetic tests came back normal with no disorders associated with Autism. It would be easier to believe that "God created my son Zach to be Autistic", but I know that is not the truth. God created us all to be special because we are made in His image. The truth is much harder to live with. I hold myself partially responsible because I caved in to the guilting of vaccinating my baby "to keep him safe."

Newborn Zachary
I trusted those doctors, nurses, hospital staff, the CDC, pharmaceutical industry. I believed they had my son's health and my best interest at heart. I saw things go wrong with his 1st Hep B vaccine in the NICU at 5 days old. He could no longer swallow milk and required a feeding tube to be put up his nose. He had to be put back into the oxygen machine.
I questioned the Drs about the vaccines and was told it was a coincidence. "These things happen all the time to preemie babies in the NICU." I was reminded the vaccines would not be on the market If they weren't safe. I was told how much more education and degrees they had than me. How dare me question them, the authorities? I was bullied and blinded by all of their degrees and education. So I continued vaccinating my baby.

Teena and Zack
When he was about 9 months old, he developed a high fever and got very sick after a set of vaccines. I now know his brain had probably swelled from the toxins and heavy metals in those vaccines. The aluminum allows all of the toxins to cross the blood brain barrier. I was told at the ER that my baby had a "bad reaction" to his vaccines. Go home, give him Children's Tylenol and let him sleep. He slept A LOT for days. I continued to vaccinate him believing the lying Drs.

Although my son never met one milestone on time, he finally was starting to babble at 11 months old. He received his MMR vaccine at 12 1/2 months old and never babbled again. Zach would no longer look me in the eyes. The Drs were whispering at 18 months old he was Autistic but did not diagnose it until he turned 2 years old. I have cried every night since he was 12 1/2 months old. I had panic attacks just thinking about his diagnosis. I couldn't even talk about my son's condition without crying. I have lived with the guilt of being so ignorant, not following my gut feeling about vaccines and each time something would happen after them.

Zack No Longer Smiles As He Did As An Infant
I blame myself for his life and mine being destroyed. I have spent the last 6 years warning anyone who would listen about the dangers of vaccines. I am attacked and mocked by parents of other Autistic children, his Drs, hospital staff, friends. I have had to leave every Autism support group because I am bullied out because I do not see Autism as a "gift" or "uniqueness" and genetic. I would not wish my son's life or mine on anyone.

I have not slept much in 9 years because Zach never sleeps.

I almost lost my son when he was 6 years old because he was prescribed a Schizophrenic antipsychotic drug called Abilify. He became psychotic and aggressive, requiring help from 911 and an 8 day hospital stay. He was punching himself in the face and head thousands of times, trying to bite his fingers and the end of his tongue off, biting his arms and hands, biting, hitting and kicking me when I tried to keep him from hurting himself.

It took him a year to recover and he lost everything he had learned at school. Once you are in the system, you cannot get out. The hospital threatened my parental rights for not allowing them to send my 6 year old nonverbal child to a psychiatric hospital hundreds of miles away without me. I was afraid he might be abused, molested or killed there.

The hospital called Child Protective Services with false allegations that I abandoned my child at the hospital for 8 days. In reality, I drove 40 miles one way to the hospital from my home back and forth multiple times per day by myself. I had inside dogs that had to go outside to potty and be fed. I wish someone had warned me over 10 years ago about the dangers of vaccines. Zach's life and mine would be so much better.

I would give my life for Zach to be healed and well and be a normal 10 year old boy having fun. I have become the best advocate that I can for my son. I am his voice since he cannot speak. And I will continue to tell his story for the rest of my life. I owe that to Zach for mistakes I made in the past. I will forever regret vaccinating my son.

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