Wednesday, June 20, 2018

BREAKING: Trump Signs Immigration EO Allowing Illegal Immigrant Families To Remain Together

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order that allows the children of illegal immigrants to remain with their parents while the government sorts out their status.

By signing this executive order - which Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama could have done, but didn't - President Trump reversed the policy of separating the children of illegal immigrants from their parents for up to 20 days. The policy was adopted by the American government in 1997 after the case Reno vs Flores resulted in the "Flores Settlement." That was on Bill Clinton's watch. It has remained the policy of the US for the last 20 years, and was never a problem for the Left until Donald Trump became President.

The Flores Settlement stipulates that children can not be kept separate from their parents for more than 20 days, during which time an investigation is conducted to make sure that the adults really are the parent of the children in question.

Why? That's a good question.

Because child trafficking is real. Criminal illegal aliens kidnap, or have been sold, children in order to be allowed to claim asylum as a "family" instead of as a single person, because families are treated much more leniently when the government is considering a request for asylum.

Tragically, many of the children used as cover by illegal immigrants have been abused and raped at some point along their journey to the United States. Worse, once they had been processed, the Obama administration placed unaccompanied children with human traffickers and pedophiles.

SNOPES: Did the Obama Administration Place Immigrant Children With Human Traffickers?

The ICE facilities in which the children are kept are very different under Trump than they were under Obama, under whose administration the pictures of kids in cages that have recently caused an uproar were taken. If an alien parent was incarcerated, the children were only kept for as long as it takes to find blood relations with whom they could stay. If none could be found the children lived in dormitories, received 3 meals a day, and an education at taxpayer expense.

The only other option would be to incarcerate the child along with the parent, or deport the child to their home country alone. Neither of those options seem very compassionate. The executive order signed today by President Trump should do away with the most unpleasant aspects of enforcing US immigration law.


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