Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Nevada US Attorney's Office Responds To Charges Of Prosecutorial Misconduct By Bundy Prosecutor Steven Myhre

The Public Information Officer for the US Attorney's Office for the District of Nevada just (politely) refused to answer my questions about the serial misconduct of 1st Assistant US Attorney Steven Myhre. She insisted that any questions be submitted in writing.

Here they are, along with the official response from the US Attorney's Office.

Dear Ms. Young,

Per our conversation earlier today (1/10/18) I have a couple of questions I'd like to ask about 1st Assistant US Attorney Steven Myhre.

Steven Myhre (Original Ill. by Stewart Freshwater)
In the case US v. Chapman, the United States Court of Appeals, 9th Circuit, found that Myhre's actions amounted to, "...prosecutorial misconduct in its highest form;  conduct in flagrant disregard of the United States Constitution;  and conduct which should be deterred by the strongest sanction available."

My questions are:
  1. Was Mr. Myhre ever hit with, "the strongest sanction available," or any sanction at all?
  2. Why would the Government continue to employ a prosecutor who displays a, "flagrant disregard of the United States Constitution"?

In the case US v. Bundy, et al, as she dismissed the Government's case "with prejudice," U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro cited "flagrant prosecutorial misconduct," as the reason; noting that prosecutor Myhre, "made several misleading statements to the defendants and the court," that, "The government conduct in this case was, indeed, outrageous," that the prosecution showed, "a reckless disregard for the constitutional obligation to seek and provide evidence," that Mr. Myhre engaged in "deliberate attempts to mislead and distort the truth," and that, "The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated."

My questions are these:
  1. Now that 1st Assistant US Attorney Steven Myhre has been dressed down by two courts for his highly unethical, immoral, and possibly illegal actions, will he be representing the Government in the trial of the Tier 3 defendants?
  2. Will he be sanctioned for his "outrageous" conduct during the prosecution of the Bundys?
  3. If so, what might that sanction be?
  4. Lt. General Michael Flynn just plead guilty to lying to the FBI, so obviously it is a crime to lie to the Government. Will prosecutor Myhre be criminally charged for abusing his office in order to deny defendants a fair trial, for "willfully" violating their Constitutional rights, and for lying to the court?
  5.  If not, why not?
  6. Please give me an official statement on behalf of the US Attorney's Office for the District of Nevada concerning the proven serial misconduct of 1st Assistant US Attorney Steven Myhre in re: US v. Chapman and US v. Bundy, et al.

Ms. Young, my show takes a lot of heat - I even get death threats - because I generally support Law Enforcement and our Article III courts. I have defended police officers and the government whenever possible, but in this case there is no way I can do that in good conscience. Our Republic rests upon the maxim, "Equal treatment before the law," and prosecutor Myhre has shown nothing but contempt for that ideal. The People of the United States expect our government officials to discharge their duties without prejudice and with Honor, seeking Justice, not a conviction at any cost, and Mr. Myhre has failed miserably. Even though he is a former Marine, Mr. Myhre seems to have forgotten what the word "Honor" means. He not only lied to the defense, he lied TO THE COURT!

My final questions would be:

  1. How can the People of the United States allow a proven, dishonorable, serial liar, to continue representing them in a court of law?
  2. How can the People of the United States trust their Government if it allows men like Steven Myhre to operate with impunity?

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. If you would be able to give me your answers over the phone so I can record them - I don't care if they were previously written down, for clarity and accuracy - please let me know and I will call back at your convenience. If not, please provide the answers to the questions in writing in a response to this email.

God bless & Semper Fi,
Bobby Powell
The Truth Is Viral

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