Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Militarized Is Your Local Police Force? Obama Authorizes Drone Strikes Inside US

Americans are rapidly becoming more aware of the extreme militarization of domestic law enforcement that has been steadily transpiring since the early 90’s. The images of the militarized police beamed across America were more reminiscent of the military operation on the battlefields of Afghanistan than those of a domestic law enforcement operation in a town of 25,000 people.

This has prompted citizens across the U.S. to question just what type of military hardware their own local police have been acquiring. While there is a growing awareness that local law enforcement has been receiving massive amounts of surplus military hardware under the federal 1033 program, authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act, exactly what equipment local law enforcement agencies have been stockpiling has remained largely obscured from the public’s view.

Until now…

Now anyone can look up this information on a database using information supplied by the military’s Defense Logistics Agency and Law Enforcement Support Office. All one has to do is type in their State and County jurisdiction and they are able to see exactly what their local law enforcement has received under the federal 1033 program.

Take a look and see what type of military hardware your local law enforcement is stockpiling… mine resistant armored personnel carriers, M-16’s, M-14’s, M-4’s, grenade launchers? It begs the question… who are the local police preparing to use these weapons of war against?

Select your state and your county below to see exactly how militarized your town/county has become.

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Additional Sources:

NEWSWEEK: "How America’s Police Became an Army: The 1033 Program"
MLive: "Michigan police bulk up with military surplus - armored trucks, grenade launchers"


"100+ UN-Marked MRAPS Deploy To Michigan's Camp Grayling"


Using secondary roads and traveling only at night, truckers from more than a dozen four truck convoys have made their way from the west coast to Camp Grayling in Michigan's Lower Peninsula where they unloaded their cargo: More than 100 Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles - MRAPs.

This information was first brought to the attention of The Truth Is Viral by a high-ranking officer in Michigan's Law Enforcement community., so its provenance is impeccable. This officer introduced TTiV Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Bobby Powell to a truck driver, a mutual friend, with direct knowledge of these convoys. According to the truck driver interviewed in this episode of The Truth Is Viral, the MRAPs delivered to Camp Grayling - long suspected of being a major FEMA camp - were clearly marked with United Nations insignia.  READ MORE

"Predator Rising: Obama To Use Drone Strikes On Americans In US "

Drone strikes against U.S. citizens who have never even been charged with a crime are coming to the "Land of the Free." Barack Hussein Obama has given himself, and those he designates, the power to order the deaths of American citizens without ever having charged them with a crime in a court of law. Obama exercised this power when he ordered the drone strikes on Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan. Two weeks later al-Awlaki's 16-year-old son Abdulrahman was also killed in a drone strike in Yemen.

Now that Obama has successfully murdered three American citizens with barely a peep from Congress it is not a stretch to believe that he will eventually use this power domestically. One reason is because Attorney General Eric Holder and CIA director John Brennan have both refused to assure the American people that drones will not be used to kill American citizens without charges inside the United States.

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  1. Bobby, I published the following article on my blog on May 19:

    Police Militarization: Preparation for Economic Collapse, Food Shortages, Civil Unrest and Martial Law

    It has since gone viral due to the fact that it contains all of the official federal government, DHS and State Department documentation and U.S. military training manuals outlining the framework for the creation of a world police force to secure continuity of government during economic collapse. There is also an exhaustive concordance of the official documentation for the establishment and activation of a vast system of concentration camps aboard U.S. military installations.

    It's all there. The evidence of exactly what they are preparing for is irrefutable.

    Semper Fi!