Monday, February 9, 2015

What A Joke. BOTH Harris-Perry, Her Guest Eric Holder, And The Interview: A Joke!

So MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry interviewed outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder about his accomplishments while in office...

A REAL journalist would have asked Holder why he is STILL in Contempt of Congress more than two years after refusing to come clean on Fast and Furious. Also, Holder comparing himself to Bobby Kennedy is, as one Youtube commenter observed, OFFENSIVE. Bobby Kennedy was a brave Patriot who actually has a lasting legacy; Eric Holder has never been fit to shine Kennedy's shoes, much less fill them.

I would hasten to add that Holder's narcissistic reply is also delusional. His name will be forgotten within a decade (until he comes up for parole, at which point he'll be news for another week or so - fingers crossed.)

Not only does he leave office disgraced through his Contempt of Congress, Eric Holder  - a man who participated in an ARMED takeover of an ROTC office at Columbia University - leaves as a failure, having backed the losing horse in every single instance where race was involved.

From the Trayvon Martin case to Ferguson Mo. and New York City, Holder - with the full backing of fellow race-baiters Barack Obama and Al "Hands up Don;t Shoot" Sharpton - has tried his best to start a race war in this country by portraying black thugs as victims and police officers as racist oppressors, setting free a group of New Black Panthers who had already been convicted of voter intimidation, and using BLM storm troopers in a failed attempt to steal the land white rancher Cliven Bundy's family has worked for over 100 years.

Holder's Justice Department has issued guidelines that name Patriots like the Bundys, veterans returning from serving our nation on foreign shores, "preppers," members of the Tea Party, and even journalists such as myself, as existential threats to the security of the United States: "Domestic terrorists." Yet these same guidelines make absolutely no mention of the REAL threat facing our nation: Islamic extremism.

There are at least 22 terrorist training facilities run by Muslims currently operating inside the United States. Their neighbors hear automatic weapons fire, the local Sheriffs know what's going on, but the FBI hasn't deemed them to be of interest. According to Holder's JustUS Department, these camps are not even worth a bulletin. Islam is the "religion of peace" don'tcha know?

Eric Holder has done everything in his power, including the shameless exploitation of tragedies like Sandy Hook and the Aurora theater shooting, in order to advance the Progressive Left (Read "Communist") agenda of disarming the American people.

This is especially alarming when threats by ISIS and al-Qaeda to attack American citizens at random, butchering them "in their homes or wherever you may find them," are becoming  commonplace. Not only are the threats real, several people have already been beheaded through "workplace violence." No, the woman in Moore Oklahoma was not the first, and I doubt she will be the last.

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Thank God Eric Holder is just as big a failure as his boss, who could only pass his signature legislation by LYING about it in a deception so huge that a new verb has come into usage: The American people have been bent over and "Grubered." Other than that, just like his bird-of-a-feather Eric Holder, Barack Obama has failed to do ANYTHING significant, and even Obamacare is in danger of being repealed.

Holder has betrayed the entire profession of law enforcement by putting targets on their backs in the name of a little "payback" for perceived racial injustices. He leaves office disgraced, and with the blood of two New York City police officers and Federal agent Brian Terry is still dripping from his hands.

And Melissa Harris-Perry can only ask, "Will you quack for us?"

What a joke. BOTH Harris-Perry, her guest, and the interview: A joke.

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