Saturday, April 12, 2014

Inside The Bundy Ranch; Protestors, Militia, Massing To Confront Feds In Nevada

In this episode of The Truth Is Viral Live, host Bobby Powell interviews radio host Pete Santilli who has been at the Bundy ranch, where BLM officers have surrounded the family farm of Nevada resident Cliven Bundy, since the standoff began. Friday night, the F.A.A. declared a "No-Fly Zone" above the ranch.

Santilli's video of BLM officers attacking protestors has gone viral, garnering the attention of the mainstream media and militias from around the country. Thousands of protestors have made their way to the desert in order to face down a Federal government run amok.


  1. Prayer Against Every Evil:

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  2. Col. Phillip MarstellarApril 12, 2014 at 11:21 AM


  3. Bobby, i'm going tomorrow. do you have your money? how do i contact you for a ride? Lord go before us and clear our path. Thank you Jesus.

  4. I can't go but I'm donating to help you get there. I pray for a just outcome. God bless/save America.

  5. Thank you Jesus indeed. I've purchased my ticket & will arrive in Las Vegas at 10:30 tomorrow night. ander, I don't mind giving you a ride from the airport but I can't guarantee anything past that, except that when I leave on Saturday I'll take you back to the airport in Las Vegas if you need a ride. If you plan to leave earlier or stay longer, you'll be on your own brother.

    Send me an inbox at with your # and I'll call you.

  6. God bless you young lady.

  7. Did you notice how Ted posted on facebook the prayers of victory 25 minutes before you got the report from Pete. God will continue to grant his people victory over these foreign enemies.

  8. I heard your prayer to Jesus for them in Nevada along with mine. we need to dedicate something to our Lord for this victory. part of the money i was to spend on the plane should go for this. would you put some of the donated money for the trip to this cause as well. what can we do? a charity donation. something to remember this victory today for future battles.

  9. I'm sure you realize that what happened at the Bundy ranch was a dry run to see how the people would react. I'm sure they were taking pictures and documenting what equipment (guns) said people had and were willing to use. It's not over by a long shot.